My wife: iPod destroyer

Discussion in 'iPod' started by iSaint, Dec 13, 2007.

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    I gave my wife my old 3G iPod two years ago so I could order a 5G. She spilled water on it within the first few weeks. It worked well enough for a couple of years, but died recently.

    So, she's been exercising recently. I gave her my 5G iPod knowing I would get a new Classic for upcoming birthday/Christmas. It was roughed up the first week, with little scratches all over. Yesterday, you guessed it, she dropped it on concrete and killed the iPod. Sad iPod icon!

    We may get the hard drive replaced. Apple service is around $150. She's also getting a large rubber case to seal it up for further use!

    Any other iPod destroyer stories abound?
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    i wet my nano, it got replaced, TIP, use metholated spirits, and leave 1 week to dry before pretend there is a genuine problem
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    My niece is an iPod destroyer. Between the ages of 12 and 14 she's had a total of 4 iPods. A 1G nano went through the wash before she remembered it was in her pocket. Another 1G nano took a dive into the swimming pool because she forgot she had set it on top of her towel. My old 5G video iPod that I gave her when I got a new one has been dropped many times and is dented and scratched almost beyond recognition. She now has an iPhone and says that she is really careful with it, but we'll wait and see if it meets the same fate as the others...
    She's gone through at least as many cell phones...
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    Super Macho Man

    Kill your wife - problem solved!
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    Search ipods on craigslist, sometimes i would see ipods for as low as 120.
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    your wife might benefit from an iPod shuffle. one of my more destructive friends has one (he's gone through 3 iPods in 2 years, the shuffle being the fourth) and it's lasted longer than the others (a video and two nanos, i think).
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    If I could find a redheaded replacement...

    Yeah, I'm definitely going to put it into something bulky! Thanks for the links.
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    Did you ever think that her parents may be enabling her bad behavior? If I gave my kid an iPod and he sent it through the wash, he'd have to earn the money and buy his own the next time. Then he'd have an appreciation for the fact that expensive toys don't just magically appear. The last thing I'd do is reward his irresponsible behavior by buying him something even more expensive.

    If you really care about your iPod, you won't lose it. I've iPods for almost 4 years, take one everywhere I go (except for the beach) and have never so much as dropped one. And the people who purchased my used iPods (I've sold 2 to subsidize upgrades) comment that they looked as good as new.

    With this girl, it started with cell phones, now it's iPods. How long before it's cars or men? Good children turn into irresponsible adults, and this is a perfect example of how it happens.
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    Ahh yes Product (WIFE) Red

    Good choice!
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    And then all you need is iCook, iClean and iSex then you're set.
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    Sun Baked

    Nah, But "iPod Destroyer" would make a good t-shirt. :p

    Who knows, he might get a good deal if he calls up one of the iPod case companies and tells them about his wife the iPod killer.

    If their case case prevent her iPod rampage, it definitely would be worth a testimonial on their site.
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    I wish more people realized this.
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    I swear, some people will destroy anything electronic the moment you put it in their hands or soon thereafter. I can't tell you how many times I've seen kids throw or drop their cellphones. And then there's the people who toss around their full-size iPods (with hard drives in them!) like they're hackysacks or something.
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    Yes, yes it's true. I probably helped to enable her when I gave her the 5G, but I just felt bad for her. It's not that she didn't care, she's just really scatterbrained. The crazy thing is she bought the second Nano with her own money. After the first one died she was told she'd have to get it herself if she wanted another one. And it was that second one went through the wash (the first one ended up in the pool). She seems to have matured a bit, though, upon getting the iPhone. She treats it like something valuable and gets upset if it even gets a scratch on it. So far so good, so maybe she's finally growing up.
    The part about cars or men made me laugh. I'm picturing 20 years down the road when she's on her 4th marriage and she's thinking, 'if only I'd been more responsible with my iPod...'
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    There is a reason my wife is not allowed to touch my Macbook Pro. :p
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    She dropped it on concrete and that killed it? I've had mine for a couple years. It's completely covered in scratches, I've dropped it many, many times (often on concrete or hard floors) while it was on and playing a song, and I somehow spilled a lot of super glue on the face of it. Aside from being a little hard to read and the menu button being glued up for awhile, it still works perfectly.
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    Speaking from my experience with women, she's probably not too impressed with getting a hand-me-down while you go off and buy yourself a new toy. Frankly that it got destroyed serves you right for not buying her a new one to begin with, one that she could call her that she would perhaps watch after more carefully?

    She's your wife, she's worth at least $200 for her own iPod.
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    You can't speak for all women. My wife is very happy to have a lowly 1 GB 1st gen nano so she can listen to music while she paints.

    Speaking of which, you can see 10 of her pieces up for sale now.

    Check out the Ron Jeremy she did & sent to him for his birthday!
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    Must be all that superglue that is holding the thing together. If you wouldn't have spilled the super glue the thing would have been dead ages ago :p
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    I'm not married. In fact, I've never really had a girlfriend. But, if a girl I was attracted to (and there is one..) broke or ruined or scratched anything of mine, I'd readily forgive her.

    So I can understand why you would not be too upset with your wife, even if you are alittle aggravated that she's ruining toys that cost a few hundred $$'s....
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    Oh, I'm not mad. But it's a costly thing since it was relatively clean and in good working condition. An iPod isn't something she wanted until she realized how cool it was to have all this music at her fingertips. She travels a good bit and really enjoys having the music with her. She also knows nothing about managing iTunes, an iPod, but does know I take better care of things like this, so she has no problem with me getting newer items.
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    She's happy and you are being nice about it. What more can she want! Marriage like that will last. :)
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    Destroyers are unexceptable! if you care about something, you wont hurt it.
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    They are also unacceptable! :p

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