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My wife pregnant, want to watch ipad stay on bed, this is what I designed for her

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by tp1, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. tp1
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    My wife pregnant, she want to watch ipad stay on bed, this is what I designed for her, but she don't like it, any good advice?
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    She doesn't like it? Seriously? Too bad it's too late for a new wife... Haha totally kidding. I'll try and think of new improvements you could make though. What doesn't she like about it?

    EDIT: What's holding that thing in? It looks like it's ready to slide out and land on your poor wife
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    that's hilarious, sweet, and a little odd :)

    my first impression was that i wouldn't want to have to reach up and gorilla touch it above me. that would get really annoying quickly, especially with it moving around every time you touch it.

    i can't think of any way to improve it, though. assuming she can sit up, a bookstand like BookGem http://www.bookgem.com/ on a table like Dave http://www.flickr.com/photos/aranandjennie/206919332/ ought to be fine, right?
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    Aww, that is so cute of you! Although it reminds me a bit of a sex swing...

    And I agree with the poster above. It seems like it could slide out easily and hit one in the face.
  5. tp1
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    NO, it will not slide out, I've tried.
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    I believe laying down like that and staring at a screen from the ceiling could cause headache. Beside like other say it will swing and not to mention had to raise your hand to scroll around the screen is nightmare.

    Why not get her to either sit or lie 45 degree so that she could look straight at a 32" TV wall mount and have your iPad connected via long cable HDMI so that the ipad could be place beside her on the bed and she will just have to grap the iPad whenever she want to change show.

    This is more easy on the eye too...
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    Good design,I will have a try :):):):)
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    awww...this is something really very cute..i would love to place my iPad like this....really hats off for your creativity and care you have shown for your wife....simply amazing...:)
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    No offence meant, but it looks like some sort of peculiar sex harness.
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    Best use of unused bondage harness ever. Obviously now unused since you already knocked her up.
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    I'm surprised that there is no one making extention arms like bed lamp style! I would be nice to watch video in bed, reading etc.
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  13. soco, Jun 23, 2011
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    Come on. How did no one touch this one? Low hanging fruit? I'll pick...

    We know it won't slide out. She got pregnant.
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    Does she, uh, sit up? A U-shaped pillow (like boppy pillow) turned upside down on her belly may prop up the iPad. Maybe I don't fully understand this problem.

    More importantly, the room decor looks designed for insanity. :eek::p
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    Won't her arms get really tired?

    Can she only lie down? Not ever having been or going to be pregnant I fail to see what the issue is.

    As some posters pointed out, those black straps really do look like something you'd find in a SM dungeon.
    Judging by the bedroom colours, perhaps if they were in pink with periwinkle blue lacy frills she'd appreciate them more?
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    You have designed something spectacular , i can see how big you love your wife,

    I have a tip, i do not know whether it can be applicable for your current scenario, try to connect your ipad with hdtv, connected with remote keyboard and mouse, your wife can watch it in big screen more clearly without any fuss.
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    Laying on your back during the third trimester (and often second) can be REALLY uncomfortable, and even dangerous for some women (it can compress a major artery). I agree that something that allows her to sit up a bit would be better. I'm sure she appreciates the effort, though!
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    They did, we have this stuff at home. Great with kids.

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    lmao...just when you think you've seen everything. i don't think many women would like those straps hanging over their bed.

    that iWARE Caddy might be onto something.
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    dang that's crazy...she'll be one unhappy camper if it does ever fall lol
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    I see no image.
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    Dang, missed the pic. :mad:
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    haha me too! I thought my internet connection was being funky.
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    Here's a stand on eBay for $70 is looks nice
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    what happened to the pics you posted? were here yesterday but gone today????

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