My Wireless Keyboard is Here!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Balin64, Sep 25, 2003.

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    My Apple wireless keyboard just arrived. I would post pics but the guy who got it in Germany last week already posted pics. I can't wait to go home and pair it with my iMac. The mouse arrives tomorrow. I wish they were here at the same time, but of well.

    As soon as I set it up I will come back and post my first impressions... wether you guys want to hear them or not. Ha.!
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    Imma get the wireless kb and mouse with my new imac too
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    Quick Note

    Looks like the Software that comes with the wireless key/board mouse updates Firmware as well. Not sure if it is just Bluetooth Firmware or the Computer firmware. I put the CD into my PowerBook and I saw the CD contents. It has the usual .pckg, a read-me and a Blutooth Firmware updater.
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    Dont Hurt Me

    thats cool applemac dude but not as cool as your avatar! what the! anywho the batteries makers are jumpin for mac joy!
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    All Hooked Up!

    Set up of the keyboard was extremely simple. A true Apple product. The only thing that was a tad confusing was the Bluetooth firmware updater. First of all, it will not update firmware until you install the software, then it will work, but it is not too obvious the firmware update was successful since you are not prompted.

    Anyway, big deal. I like the keyboard's looks just fine. But here's the big deal: I am just beginning to realize the freedom of having this thing!

    ONE MORE THING: There is absolutely NO delay: I am a rather fast typer, and I cannot tell the difference between the wired keyboard and this one. I am very satisfied.

    One more thing: the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar changed its look after I paired the keyboard. Maybe it has always doen this, but aside from the keyboard and the Powerbook, I have never paired Bluetooth devices with my iMac before. Anyway, here's a look at the BT icon.

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    And Gals...

    Yes, I know what you must be thinking: big woop. Nut, I am the first macrumors user to post my experience with a BRAND NEW Apple product. Yes, I know many of you are pissed off because the mouse is a basic BT redesign of the existing mouse, but still: it IS new Apple technology. I am writing this post from my couch with the keyboard nestled between the cushions. Seriously guys, you are going to dig these new keyboards.

    Also, and slightly off topic: I can now use Key Xing along with iTunes and other apps from my kitchen. Seriously wicked when you have a party: carry the keyboard and control the music....
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    ...or your girlfriend carrying it and hiding it, so that you can't work anymore :/
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    Not Likely..

    My girlfriend is very much unaware. The Macs are mine... maybe we should all have a sexy girl living with us (á la Genie G5 pictures) but that is not the case.

    Anuhowl, my keyboard will always be mine!
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    Re: All Hooked Up!

    That's the standard icon that the BT icon changes to when it is talking to anything.

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