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  1. Xeo
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    #1 just went live today. It's a community site for iChat AV users who are looking for new and interesting people to talk to. The idea is that you post a personal of sorts so other iChat AV users can contact you and so you can find them. There's nothing like meeting total strangers online to liven up your day.
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    the makers of are also making
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    am I the only one who thinks this is kind of.... wierd....?

  4. Xeo
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    Yeah, we're crosslinking with them.
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    I KNEW this would turn up on MacRumors sooner or later. :D

    If I had an iSight or a Firewire camera I'd register, but unfortunately I don't.
  6. Xeo
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    Yeah, the response so far has been kind of overwhelming.
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    lol I'll have to look into it once I get my own iSight.
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    i agree. it is a bit weird. but people have free time.
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    think a bit deeper guys,

    this is apple's first foray into peer-to-peer live porn technology.

    iSight is goign to be HUGE thanks to the porn industry. Very clever, Mr Jobs. Very clever, Mr. Flynt.
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    now that is the only reason why i would get one

    ooooh al gore
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    Lots of people enjoy meeting total strangers online. I guess it is not for me.
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    not any wierder then any of the other dating-esque websites.

    Don't you think that is a bit much Mr. Conspiracy? :)
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    Hehehe, Just wait and see. Quicktime Presents: Live Nude Girls waiting to talk to you!

    You must be 21 or older with a valid credit card to enter this site.

    i can totally see it. :D

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