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Mystery MacBook Air screen scratches/pitting

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by NutsNGum, Nov 22, 2011.

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    Has anyone else experienced this?

    Just above around half way up the screen, there are numerous tiny scratches in the screen along a 2-3 inch horizontal line almost directly where the top of the trackpad would sit when the screen is closed.

    This isn't the same thing as the white pressure marks that some people have referred to in other posts.

    I'm not really sure what could have caused this, as there don't appear to be any rough edges in that area? :confused:
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    I posted on the 'white lines' thread - I found I also had the same scratching on my screen though it was spotting the white lines on the screen that actually drew my attention to it. It was quite hard to see unless you held it up to the light.

    The Genius I saw said he thought the case was warped and it was rubbing the screen on the casing below the keyboard and above the trackpad. They're supposed to be replacing both case and screen for me...
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    Went and saw a Genius today about it. And they said it was a 'cosmetic issue'. I could've told them that.

    It's not really a massive problem, and like you said, it's hard to notice in anything other than a direct light. The guy was pleasant enough, but I'm a bit irritated that I was fobbed off with an assessment as obvious as that.

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