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Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by greenmymac, Jul 10, 2008.

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    I have a question about this... i paid for it downloaded it and works fine but the forecast and stuff at the bottom is completely wrong and Idea why this app is so buggy or any one have problems with it
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    Try WeatherBug and see how that works for you. Could be the App or maybe something else.
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    I haven't gotten the 2.0 software yet so can't try the app but I am very excited about it & hope it is not buggy. It is a one-time payment, right? No subscription required?
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    yah and weatherbug is free.
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    Well I have already paid for it :-( But i have faith it will be fixed!
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    Was it not free earlier today?
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    no i Paid 14.99
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    WOW :eek: Quite the error
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    Myweather has some really cool features that I would willingly pay $15 for, if the app works correctly.
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    Wouldnt changing the price from 15 to free indicate and error of some type?

    Disregard please, i didnt realize you were talking about a different app
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    its seems there are a lot of bugs with these apps you know how many times the battleship game closed...alot

    its free now
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    They're not talking about weatherbug. MyWeather is 14,99USD
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    Whew I was about to freak out on Apple
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    I really appreciate the reviews from y'all on these apps.
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    Has anyone been able to email them? I went to their support site and the email address that they posted (iPhone@myweather.net) gets bounced when I send to it.
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    MyWeather app

    The MyWeather support email address is working.

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    I'm the developer of MyWeather Mobile for the iPhone.

    There was a problem last week with the forecast model, which resulted in forecast temperatures being 5-10 degrees above normal for some days. As far as I know this issue has been resolved, so if you continue to see forecasts that are dramatically off-base, let us know.

    Version 1.1 with animated radar, 4x the locations, and a host of other features/bug fixes will be posted soon...

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    Mikepj, thanks for posting, keep us updated.

    To others, what are the reasons to get this app over say, weatherbug?
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    I have this one and it works great, the support staff has been very fast to respond to any questions and they have submitted the next version to Apple and will be up soon I hope. It will add more cities, radar loops, and fix a few things (at least that's the stuff I was told about). The multiple cities and radar (full screen if rotated) makes it worth the cost IMO.
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    once he adds the animated radar it will be worth $15, otherwise not a huge difference vs the free version.

    Free version has the same features PLUS live cameras.

    $15 version offers larger radar map and closer zoom level.
    Although the zoom is NOT street level as advertised .

    currently its hard to justify $15 over the free version, once we get animated radar and true street level zoom, then it will be worth every penny.
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    MyWeather 1.0.2 was posted last night on the App Store. This version includes animated radar, street level zooming (see image below, hope this is close enough :)), 4x more locations, and several other improvements. Locations are now much easier to add because now every search result will be listed as city, state. No more guessing which location is which.

    Additional feedback is always valuable, so if you want to see something added, let us know!

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    How about adding zip code support and % chance of precipitation
    Many cities are not listed and no international cities. Nearly all weather apps give you the ability to search by zipcode. In fact yours is the first I've seen or used that doesn't.
    I'd also like to see the ability to add links to weather cams and traffic cams.

    If you're looking for ideas look at the functionality that WeatherPannel for WM offers in customization, along with SBSH PocketWeather for WM
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    nice! How long does it typically take for us to be able to download it?

    Can you zoom closer so I can see myself in the front yard :)

    Was able to force the download...not showing up as an update yet.

    Very nice improvements...a few suggestions for future upgrades:
    1. double tap to zoom back out
    2. add times of loop
    3. ability to stop the loop and see the latest radar
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    I would also like to see current windspeed ( not just future windspeed) kind of like weather bug! Great App Thanks

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