N Wireless for iPod touch?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by stevento, Sep 11, 2007.

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    So when I drooled over the iPhone a few months ago, I was in a bit of dispair because me getting a new phone was completely impracticle and basically not going to happen. (especially since its exclusive to ATT :mad: ) I just got a new one with sprint this past thanksgiving and I'm locked in for two years :(

    So I thought "why dont they make an iPhone minus the phone and call it iPod Pro or something?" well they did, and of course I am drooling over it even more so, because this is something I can actually get, And I dont need a new phone anyways because i like the one i have. So one of these days I am for sure getting an Ipod touch for certain, as soon as the upgrade it, price drop it or something.
    The one problem I have with it is that the wireless card is only b/g and this is 2007 (not 2005) so that's completely unnacceptable.
    I know what you're thinking: "apple comes out with this fantastic product and you nit pick over little things"
    well yes, I'm OCD about certain things like this, especially since i bought an N router already.

    So I said all that to say as soon as they drop and N card in the touch, I'll be the first in line.
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    I don't see the point of having N wireless on the thing. There's nothing that N is really better for besides raw data transfer, which you're not going to be doing with the device anyway. For internet usage, G is more than enough bandwidth for almost any connection you're ever likely to use.
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    What bugs me about it is having to enable g on my home network to get wifi on my iPhone. I spent the money to replace the base stations in order to get N, and now I have to run at G speeds. Lame.
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    See, the thing is, the internet is provided at a certain speed. Wireless "G" by definition can usually support faster and larger transfer rates per second than the amount of information the internet is actually sending it. Wireless "N" is fantastic in terms of networking between computers that files are to be shared on because it can support the much higher transfer rates.

    All that to say, with today's level of ISP speed and data quantity per second, "N" is pretty much overkill.
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    Yes and no. For internet, you're right -g is more than enough. But what if you wanted to do a wireless transfer of 4GB of music from your MBP to your new iPod Touch?? Raw data transfer rate is a huge plus there. But, for the most part, most people wont need it. Most PC users are still ooh-ing and ahh-ing over 54Mb/sec -g connections! Now, will I complain if Apple does a firmware update to my iPhone to give me -n?? NO!! But they would also have to enable a way to do a wireless data transfer...
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    Well, yeah, but it's a sort of moot argument since you can't wirelessly sync the iPod anyway.
  7. ~J~
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    Hey, we can hope, cant we?!
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    you guys have brought up the necessity issue. right, i'll hardly ever need N in my iPod touch, but it could have it. hence it should have it.

    i also paid big bucks for my N router and it has 6 settings for speed

    b only
    b and g
    b, g and n
    g only
    g and n
    n only

    now i could run g and n together, but i much rather wait until a a G/N card gets in the touch to buy it.

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