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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by ncarnall, Dec 18, 2011.

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    How can i name my Air so that when I look at my router connected devises it shows my Airs name same as it does for my iPod?
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    System Preferences > Sharing > Computer Name:
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    I would call it Miroslav Stoat-Gobbler III
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    Thanks. But, this is already set, but doesn't show this name on my router?


    Lol, cheers for that.
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    What does the router show?
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    the router displays the ip address and the mac address but under device name it doesn't show anything
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    You might try changing the name in System Preferences, to see if the changed name shows up.
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    Just tried it and made no difference?
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    Click the Edit button there - does it show the IP or the computer name? If it shows the IP, then change it to the computer name and that should set you straight
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    If you read the thread, you'll see they already tried that.
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    Yes, I've tried that already but thanks for trying to help.
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    Try setting DHCP Client ID

    Most likely, your router gets that name from DHCP.
    Go to syspref, network, advanced, TCP/IP, fill in a DHCP Client ID.
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    I find that name very appealing for some reason...

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