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naming an airport base station

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by suprtiger, Aug 2, 2003.

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    I am working with my first Airport
    Setup and I am working with airport extreme.
    I have connected to the Internet using an ip address in my Powerbook, but I need to name the base station. I do not want the base station to distribute ip addresses. I will be setting up at least two more base stations in a large building that contains a lot of concrete walls and the signals cannot pass through the walls. I will need to give each base a unique name. I have tried to use Airport Admin and Airport Setup to get into the configuration to set the name, but cannot access the base station. If I knew the default ip address of the airport base station, I thought I could access it that way, but cannot find the default ip address in the manual.
    Can anyone tell me how to name the name base station.
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    Airport Extreme Manual


    Using Airport with OS X

    Those should do it for you. The answers are plainly written if you read it. It has a screen shot of where you change the station's name.

    Oh- Please don't come here looking for help before you at least look at the manual. You have to try a bit if you want us to try to help.
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    I am very sorry if my post seemed inappropriate. I had read through the manula numerous times and could not find the solution. Airport admin keeps quitting with an unexpected error each time I launch the utility. I have repaired the permissions, reset the airport base station and almost everything else I can think of.
    I am puzzled as to why airport admin keeps crashing.
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    unless i missed it, you did not mention a crash. i don't know why it would be crashing. never had that happen. (used three different base stations)

    my only idea is to hard reset the base station. your manual will have it. basically insert a straightened paper clip into the hole on that back and press for a second...
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    I have done a hard reset a number of times. I guess I will try to connect directly to the airport and see what happens. I didn't have time to work with it yesterday.
    If I could only get airport admin to keep running.
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    well, it sounds as if these are new base stations, you should give apple a call, because i can't help you anymore than what i have said.
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    Before Airport Admin crashes does it find the base station? The Airport Extreme base stations have a tendency to stop broadcasting--seems particularly bad in models with a modem. Reducing the transmitter power tends to decrease the problem (along with the range though--could be a problem for some). It's easy to do in Airport Admin if you can get it to run. Trash your Airport setup and admin apps and reinstall them. Might help. Could't hurt.

    By the way, did you run Airport Setup Assistant before running Admin?
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    I did try to run setup, since I thought that is what I had to do.
    Airport admin will not keep running long enough for me to see if it is picking up the base station.
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    Okay, I am finally able to have airport admin run and not crash down when I choose configure. However, now it says that it cannot open the config file.
    I have looked in the preferences folder for data on the base station, but don't recognize any files for this.
    Is this data stored some other place beside the library file?
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    Well, I'll be. I just though I would try something and low and behold it worked. I ran setup assistant to connect to an existing network and then went back to admin and I was able to name the base station and put in my own password. I did lose my static ip address for the computer but, that was not problem. I could just reenter it again. I am now on line on this machine and I will be able to set up the other 3 ibooks that I just received to use this station.
    Thanks to everyone who helped this novice with his first try with airport.
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    you can always reinstall airport admin...
    i think
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    That is finally what I had to do and then I was able to get it all to work, but I had to run airport setup and then go airport admin.

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