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naming mp4 audio tracks

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by potatis, Aug 19, 2011.

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    So is there any way to name audio tracks like mkv files can? Not just the name of the language that Subler offers. For example it can't name a track "Commentary". Is there another program that lets you type in names freely?
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    Subler certainly does let you name the tracks "commentary", you just click on the name of the track to edit it. I've been using Subler for ages to name my director's commentary audio tracks
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    Yes but when I save it directly reverts back to "Unknown"...what version are you using?
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    Latest released version 0.14
    I can see what your problem is you're trying to change the text under the "Language" column heading, you need to change the text under the "Name" column where it says "Stereo" or "Surround"
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    An example with 2 commentaries

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    I see, I think I tried that before but thought it didn't work because it doesn't show up in VLC. For mkv's the audio tracks names and language are displayed in the Audio track selection menu, but tagging an mp4 like this doesn't affect VLC, it just shows "Track 1" etc. The only thing VLC displays are the tracks' language, but I guess it's an issue with VLC. Does both Track name and language show up in AppleTV or where do you see it?
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    Both track name and language show up in iTunes, iPhone, iPad & Apple TV1. There is a bug in Apple TV2 where the track name doesn't display so you just get a long list of tracks that say English, however if I know which one is the commentary track and select it it plays fine.
    I wish they would fix that stupid bug in Apple TV2, but it wasn't the only thing that didn't make the transition from Apple TV1 :mad:
  8. potatis, Aug 24, 2011
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    Will it ever be fixed you think?

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