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Naming My Apple TV

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Michael73, Jan 17, 2013.

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    How do I name my AppleTVs?

    I've got an AppleTV in my living room, one in my basement and one in my bedroom. When I'm listening to music and want to use multiple speakers, all that shows up in the box where you can choose what speakers to send the sound to is "Apple TV" three times...I've got no idea which one is which. Can I name the AppleTVs like "AppleTV - Bedroom"?
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    Yes you can name them. I forget exactly where, but go into Settings and it should be fairly easy to find where to do that.
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    Within the naming section of settings in the AppleTV menu you have some options for pre-filled names - things like Bedroom, Living Room...that sort of thing. You can also use your own unique names by using the on screen keyboard or the remote app.
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    Thanks. But how do you do it for the old style ones...you know, the ones that aren't a hockey puck? ;)

    When you go to Settings > General > About there doesn't seem to be a way to change the info there.
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    I'm guessing in iTunes for the Apple TV 1. And btw- the "hockey pucks" are great devices! ;)
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    I've got 2 hockey pucks and one old style one. :D

    If naming them are in iTunes itself, I can't find it.
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    If you have two "hockey puck" Apple TV's then I would change the name of those two in the settings menu as other people have pointed out. Then the remaining 1st Gen Apple TV will be the only one in the list that shows up as "Apple TV".
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    Oh sure, take the easy road :D

    I thought about doing that too, but I thought it would be a lot nice to name everything appropriately.
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    Can't you just open iTunes, click on the old Apple TV and then when you're in the device menu, either click or double click (try both) and then you should be able to change it. It's pretty much an iPod that hooks up to a TV, so I figured it works similarly in iTunes...
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    I understand, the perfectioninst in me also wants everything to be done "right".
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    For the old atv1s, when you hook them into iTunes, don't choose the streaming option, so that it wants to actually put the shows on the device. Then click on the name in the iTunes column list of devices...you can then rename it.

    Once done, you can then reconnect it in streaming mode and it will retain the name you gave it.

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