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Naming my new Powerbook...

Discussion in 'Mac Scene' started by pyrotoaster, Oct 20, 2003.

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    I just got a new 12" Powerbook, and it's a great machine. Of course, now I have to name it.

    Usually I don't have a problem doing this, but I've found myself uninspired this time around.

    I'm trying to think of male names, because my last Mac (a 15" iMac, which I still use regularly) has a female name ("Tessera").

    I was thinking about names from the now cancelled Sci Fi show Farscape, but I'm really open to any ideas.

    Thanks! :D
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    There was a posting on this exact topic a couple of weeks ago, there some very interesting responses.

    I named my 12" Powerbook Excalibur. Why? I dunno, just because. It's hard drive is called Shadowmacs (a lame play on the name of Gandalf's horse). I tried calling it Shadowsbane but I just didn't like it that way, and prior to that it was called Andromeda, but then I figured that doesn't match the medieval theme. Actually, I originally was trying to come up with an original, cool-sounding "nonsense word" and I brainstormed up the word Androgen. Thought it was great, until I looked it up in the dictionary. Whoops, not quite what I had in mind...

    My other laptops are/were called Hummer, Lexus, and Traveller. And my Windows PCs were called Lightspeed, Warpcore, Warpdrive, Runabout, and Sentinel.
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    I named my Powerbook Stewie after the baby in the now cancelled fox show family guy. Found a great icon for it too.
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    Norse gods for me..

    Old TiBook 500 was Loki - new Al is Odin, Athlon PC is Freya - no particular reason, just liked Loki to start and figured I'd continue the tradition...
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    I've always named my machines after old pets, or old girlfirends, or cars. My B&W, which I bought the day it came out, was called Brie after my girlfriend of the time, since then though I got married and renamed it Emerald to appease my wife. My iBook was JC, standing for John Crapper because it looked like a toilet seat. My iMac CRT was named M&M after my deceased cat, my newer iMac 17" named Panda because I've always liked Pandas. Now, when I got my G5 I was trying to come up with a good name and finally decided on Countach, after my dream goal car and how fast the dual is. I named my second internal drive in it Yukon for the extra storage (Anyone want to buy a Yukon?). I also named my LaCie 500GB Big Disk priest because it is my back up drive and I figured it sounded good as insurance.

    For the PowerBook, what is it used for? Since you are looking for a male name you can play off of sports figures, or go with the standard DAVE. What about Johnny 5?
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    That's the name of my wireless network.
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    Re: kyoto

    Nice name, I was pretty lame for my Airport network, I named it Airport 2.0, my first was Airport 1 but when that station fried and I got the dual enet station I was at a loss for names. I think tonight I will change it to something cool.
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    All what it is...


    I named my 12" PB rev A. you know, energy unit and along the time you get power ;)

    is not that a nice name for a son ? :)
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    My computer is named Joslyn Hasel .. For no apperant reason??
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    My 17" PB is called Albert. Firstly, as in Fat Albert (cause this thing is SO wide), and well, then there's the reference to Aluminium.
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    My new AluBook is named HUS412A so that the *insert long string of expletives here* windows system on campus will recognize my machine and let me access the system. However, I have named the hard drive V.I.N.cent after the robot character from the great Disney classic Black Hole. After I get the DVD in a day or 2 (3.25 plus shipping from eBay!!) I'll be making an appropriate icon for him. Once I get an external HD, the internal will forfeit V.I.N.cent and become B.O.B. For those of you who know the story you will understand why.

    For a while it had the "Mallow" icon and was named Hober so that it would be Hober Mallow (big fan of the Foundation series by Asimov as well). But that didn't go with my new desktop image of Sophia's silhouette (you know her, she's the girl with the green background in the Hey Mama iPod commercials.) Wow! She's hot!
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    Thanks guys. I'm thinking I'm going to name it "Stark" (he's one of my favorite characters on Farscape, along with Zhaan).
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    Mine's name is.. Ida Red.. since Ida Red is a kind of Apple.. even though I guess it is technically a Macintosh.

    So ya..
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    Phil Of Mac

    I named my 15" AlBook Kira, after Kira Nerys of Deep Space Nine.
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    Powerbook G5

    I named my PowerBook "Angelica".
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    I named my new 1Ghz 12" PB The Beast. I upgraded from a 700 iBook. Compared to the iBook, this PB is a beast!
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    Powerbook G5

    I upgraded from a 400 MHz G3 with 8 meg ATI Rage 128 and 192 megs RAM to this 1.25 GHz G4 with ATI Radeon 9600 and 512 megs RAM, now that is what I call one hell of a nice bump. :)
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    From laptop to laptop, I upgraded from a Powerbook 165 (that's right, a whole 25 MHz processor and four megs of RAM! That's cutting edge for ya!) to my new Powerbook. :p
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    Powerbook G5

    Damn, that was one insanely awesome upgrade. :D
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    how about naming it

    Rhineholt, that is my favorite name for computers.

    I have had 6 computers in my life. I am now on Rhineholt 6.
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    My laptop

    Mine is named "Phlegethon" : The river that flows with fire which burns and does not consume. It is one of the five principal rivers in the realms of Hades.

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    named my 17 in. powerbook

    Fast Cat--because the Jaguar and Phanter are members of the cat family.

    and it it fast compared to our old APPLE II
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    Re: Naming my new Powerbook...

    definitely tazo...

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    I name mine after literary/cinema personalities. My TiBook 800 was named Orson Welles, my Graphite iMac was Keats, and my 1 GHz TiBook is Bernard Shaw.

    I was going to get a 15" AlBook and name it Geoffrey Chaucer, but now I'm leaning toward a 12" PowerBook and naming it David Lean.
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    zander, moof (LOL!)

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