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[Nano 4th Gen] Car Deck Integration

Discussion in 'iPod' started by brgnewman, Sep 10, 2008.

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    I currently have the 8gb Nano (3rd Gen) but I have already filled it and the battery life is lacking now so I am tempted in purchasing the new 16gb Nano.

    My question is, I just put a new Car Deck (JVC KD-PDR50) into my Jeep Cherokee back in January, will the new 4th Gen Nano work with this deck?

    Cause I know with my friend's iPod Touch I am unable to connect it using the iPod interface cable included because it flashes on the screen "Unsupported Accessory" and I can't scroll through (let alone play) any of the music on it.

    I just want to make sure that isn't going to be the case with the new nano lol
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    That is an interesting question, perhaps the accelerometer messes with the output...have you tested an iPhone with your stereo? Because the accelerometer in the 4G Nano might produce the same problem that the Touch has in the past for you. Granted, you do always have the front 1/8" input...not nearly as :cool: but it'll still work.
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    Yep, i do have the mini jack on my deck but I would rather use the iPod interface cable lol.

    No i haven't tried the iPhone; I would assume it would do the same thing

    Part of me is stuck between the iPod Nano 16gb and the new iPod Classic 120gb :(
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    that makes no sense. I have an iPod touch, and it works fine with my pioneer head unit. To me, it just sounds like an incompatible head unit that doesn't confirm to the "made for iPod" standards.
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    Do you have the second generation ipod touch? I have an (older) ipod touch that connects to my pioneer dock in my car, but I heard the new touches aren't compatible. I was thinking of getting a new one, but this would be a deal breaker for me.
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    You would be better asking this question in the forums on the radio manufacture website. I found out myself after installing my JVC KD-AVX44 the latest they make that it does not work with my iPhone but does work with my iTouch and 2nd gen Mini. I do hope that they will update the firmware at some point but who knows.
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    Hey, Dont worry it will work. I have connected my new nano to my car and it works fine. The only thing it does not do now is charge the device and tells you it is not designed for this accessory
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    It will most probably work. they are exactly the same as the old one inside really. If you have updated your 1st gen touch to 2.1 and it works the new touch will because it is the same software
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    Ok, that makes me feel a little better. I guess I just skimmed over the "no longer supports charging" part of the cited ilounge review and read it as if it said that the actual ipod integration through the deck wouldn't work.

    Either way though, it seems as if the only two things I actually use to charge my ipod (firewire ac cable and car adapter) won't be doing the charging.

    However, my deck also has a usb adaptor integrated into it as well. Does anyone think (or know) if the usb connection will charge my ipod if need be. If so, it looks like I have re-talked myself into getting a 2g.

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    trying to find something that supports the touch gen 2...anyone?
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    I can verify that the new 4g Nano WILL NOT work with your deck, I have two decks with ipod controls and they apparently changed the charging voltage on the new one (from what i have been able to figure out). I verified this today when I returned my nano's.
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    went to the apple store today. I was told that anything that is listed to work for the iPhone 3g will work for touch gen 2. And nano gen 4. I can't verify but that's what I was told.

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