Nano 5G at Retail stores

Discussion in 'iPod' started by shady825, Sep 10, 2009.

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    Email from Apple last night: "Pick up iPod nano on Thursday.
    Choose from all the brilliant colors—including some only available from Apple—and take home iPod nano on Thursday from your favorite Apple Retail Store. Find a store"

    Well I've been to 2 Apple stores and 3 Target's this morning... Nothing!

    Its pretty ridiculous the Apple stores dont even know when they will receive the new Nano's..

    If anyone happens to find them in a Target or Best Buy or anywhere for that matter post it up here.

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    Nano 5G at Retail Stores ---> NOT!

    Me too!!!! I was ready to purchase 2 16GB nanos. Nothing!!!! Arrggghhh!!!
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    I been on a wild goose chase all day.
    Looks like stores won't have them today. :(

    no one even seems to know when they are coming in.. Not even Apple! Strange..
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    The Apple Store near me doesn't get its daily (well, minus Sundays) FedEx delivery until early in the afternoon, so they def. wouldn't have had it this morning...

    And yeah, for the most part, they don't know what's being sent (until it arrives). Apple auto-replenishes its stores, ... the stores don't actually "place an order" for products themselves...
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    Just called my local store and they said they just got the delivery in and they will be out on the floor in a few minutes.

    I'm off to go get one.
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    1:00pm, my Apple store just got them!
    BUT, I can't buy one til tonight?! What the hell!?
    They said the new Touches are ready for purchase but not the nanos!?
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    Regent's St, London has them and a queue of people buying them!
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    They have to check each iPod into their inventory, .. individually. Sounds like they started with the touches?
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    Anyone check Best Buy, Target, Walmart, etc?
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    u would think these apple stores would have them in stock and ready to be bought..
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    Yep. All of them

    heading to my Apple store now to demand some nanos! Haha :)
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    just called an apple store and they said they're hoping for them sometime before the weekend.
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    Strange. My two are arriving today. Ordered online, standard shipping.
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    Nice just got one!
    They aren't on display yet even
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    Awesome! What size? Color?
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    Black 16gb.
    Pics in a minute. I'm still in the store

    EDIT: can't upload pics from the iPhone. I'll be home shortly.
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    Get me one while you're there.. :p
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    Here It Is

    in the sunlight this thing looks REALLY purple/grey!? Its not like the Jet Black of the 4G.. Id say its really dark grey almost. You cant really tell unless its in person.
    Other than that I love it...Video quality is awesome!!

    heres a pic of it next to the 4G

    The "click" sound the scroll wheel makes is noticeably different too
    The screen just seems SO much bigger when holding it and using it.
    Sync times are super fast too!

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    screen does look pretty big compared to the 4g one.
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    Just got back with mine too. They weren't on display yet either.

    I also got the black 16GB.
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    Doesn't it feel nice in your hands!?

    Did you notice the purpleish hue I was talking about?

    Also, is all your album art work showing up? Mine isn't for some reason. (on the nano)
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    Feels nice, I really like the way the color looks.

    It looks like my artwork is OK. All the ones I checked were OK. The ones that didn't have artwork didn't have it in iTunes either.
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    Has anyone checked costco and their price?
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    anyone know if walmart got theirs in today?
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    After resetting my play count it oddly fixed my artwork problem!?
    Anyways all is well!

    The more and more I look at it, I fricken love the color of this thing. It just feels so smooth to. 100% different feeling from the 4th gen nano. I couldnt be more pleased with this thing!

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