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Nano To Reach 12 GB By Fall?

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Jun 25, 2006.

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    A recent Gartner report points out that Apple's buying power may be able to press NAND flash prices low enough for greatly increased capacity Nano's when their rumored refresh appears in the fall.

    A recent rumor stated that Apple has been stocking up on NAND flash memory, presumably for iPods. The current highest-capacity iPod Nano is 4 GB.
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    I would love that. I'd probably sell my 30GB as the space is way too big for my needs but the 4GB nano is too small. I want a midsize goshdarnit.
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    New Nanos will be 6GB for 199 and 8GB for 249
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    12 sounds nice, but what you just said sounds much more realistic.
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    i'd be impressed if we say 10gb nano's but i'm not holding my breathe for those
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    Great, how can I possibly be content with a 2 GB when I get my MB?
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    8 GB or at the max 10 GB sounds realistic, but 12 would be perfect, as my iTunes Library currently sits at 12.87 GB, and I could easily do without some of the playlists on the iPod. I'm looking to buy a nano when they are refreshed to run with, as my 4th Gen 20 GB color is just too darn bulky. Here's to hoping for 12!:cool:
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    When, oh when, will hard drives be replaced with flash memory?

    Probably never. They'll come out with something else by the time flash gets cheap enough.
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    i say a decade
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    Look how far they have come in just half a decade...you cant be serious:D
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    I'm waiting (but probably not going to buy) for the >80 gig iPod. Right now, my MacBook is just a bit too snug to hold my music collection and a bigger iPod would really hit the spot (though that spot does not currently include my pocket book).

    ha! tell me that's not true.
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    And they'll be even cheaper if they're made with slave labor!!! :D

    *just kidding*
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    Wit apple i asy next year it will be a $200 option for a 120GB NAND (Remember i think access speeds are the sane as a 15,000RPM with NAND) from the 160GB 5400RPM HD or $100 from the 7200RPM 160GB. ITs currently about $3000 for a SATA Notebook drive at 60GB using NAND MEMORY
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    Boy, is your keyboard sticky?
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    Optimistically, if Apple can secure these chips for $20 a pop 120GB is still going to cost them $1200. If Apple has to pay $25 it's $1500, so I don't think that a 120GB option for $200 is likely. If NAND memory follows Moore's Theorem and doubles every 12-18 months, you're looking at 4-6 years before that price is possible.
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    well although it isn't certain, you can sell it unopened to the unknowing person that doesn't follow iPod rumors while the getttin's good. It wouldnt be until after the summer sale is over but i'd do that if i were you.
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    Me too. The 12 giger would be perfect for me.
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    It would be cool if the memory stock up was for the new "true video ipod" What if it had flash and a HD so you could stick some of your stuff on the flash so you could leave the HD off and save power.

    Wont happen but it would be cool
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    Thats good... it will make iPods more closely spec'd.
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    12 GB would be nice, but I don't know if Apple would make such a significant jump so quickly, even if they had the means. The technology might be there, but there's more to running a successful business than simple technology decisions. Apple might choose to go with 6 GB or 8 GB nanos for starters, as this might make better sense from a business perspective. It will of course depend on what competition is doing as well, profit margins, many factors at play here...

    Regardless, larger capacity nanos and full-screen video iPods this fall would make a deadly combination for both consumers and Apple themselves heading into the busy Christmas shopping season! :cool:
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    Core Trio

    if a 12 GB nano came out this fall at the price points we have now, Id definitely be retiring my 40GB 4th Generation ipod. Seeing as I only have 8.68 GB of music on it, it would be a good replacement.
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    12Gb seems high, what about

    2Gb Shuffle-99
    4 Gb Nano-149
    8GB Nano-199
    10Gb Nano-249
    True Video iPod 40Gb(touch screen)-299
    True Video iPod 80Gb(tough screen)-399

    That way people who dislike the touchscreen idea, still have a Nano with Click Wheel, and still hold lots of songs
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    Nand = Future

    Hard Drives made completely from NAND are availiable now, as made by samsung.
    They are wicked expensive.
    However, the pricing drops on NAND in the last few years arnt going to be accurate predictors as manufacturers are just beginning to produce nand at the top priority. do some research.
    a gig right now is about 30 bucks, by the end of 2008 it is expected to be about 9. with apple behind that we could see nand as low as 5 dollars by holday season 2008.
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