Nano video recording time?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by HiFiGuy528, Sep 20, 2009.

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    Does it record video until it runs out of either battery or storage? I plan to use it as a dash cam while I drive.
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    From the manual:

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    I've done some preliminary, semi-unscientific testing of file sizes with the nano, mainly by making several different videos each lasting one minute (plus/minus one second). The average file size (and thus file size per minute) turns out to be 19.1 Mb (with very little deviation). That means that 1 Gb will hold about 53 minutes of recorded video.

    Further extrapolation, from StingerT125's comment: The maximum file size is 2 Gb, so the longest single recording will be approximately 1 hour and 46 minutes.

    So, considering that the battery is good for four hours of video playback, you may be able to get two 2 Gb recordings before having to recharge.
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    ipod nano 5th generation video recording tested ....

    I made some test with ipod nano 5th generation video recording ....

    Video Time: 1h 48min 08sec

    File size: 2.15GB (2 139 235 kb)

    Battery was almost completely depleted ...

    I've managed to record another 10 min of video before complete discharge ...
    9:55 min
    199.2 mb

    So it seems, that with video recording, battery life is HALF less
    of what was claimed for video playback ... ~2 hours

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