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Napster Increases Music Subscription Service Prices by 30%

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 5, 2008.

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    Hmmm. what's that I smell? Is that the scent of the end of Napster? Could be...
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    Ala-Carte downloads are still king. iTunes is king. That is what people don't seem to understand with a music subscription. As soon as your account is suspended (I am thinking missed payment or something) or you decide to cancel it yourself, all the music you have on your portal player or can access from your computer is dead... useless.
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    I think you're absolutely right. It seems that the end of Napster is right around the corner.
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    Music subscription services are the biggest scam. Stop paying your monthly fee and your music dies. When I first heard of that model, (Rogers music service in Canada) I was dumbfounded. Walked right out of the store, then ultimately bought my first iPod and a plain ol' non-music playing cell phone.

    And people think the itunes store has unfair practices. Dum-dums. I chose the iTunes model because the subscription model was so offensive.
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    While I agree with most that a Music Subscription service is absolutely worthless for the majority of people, others actually enjoy it by listening to a wider variety of music and discovering more music. If you DO really like the music, just buy it - a subscription isn't a viable option for music keepers, although it is for those of us who just like to explore and hear what's new out there before dishing out money for CDs or downloads. A 30-second clip doesn't do justice to songs.
    I have actually considered using these Subscription services (Rhapsody) for the mere purpose of exploring, discovering and testing out new music - never as a replacement.
    Just my two cents.
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    i think napster is the worst thing out there, i have used it once or twice and thought it was horrible.

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