Napster nets $15m relaunch loss

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Feb 9, 2004.

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    Points at Napster, musters up his best Nelson from the Simpsons: "Hahhh Hahhhhh"
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    doesn't that mean that at the MOST they have sold 3.63 million songs?...... that aint very many

    hmmm i guess we've got a rough estimate as to how many songs they've sold now.

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    Oh dear oh dear oh dear...they have some problems...and it's called iTunes! :p
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    sounds good. i never really thought that they'd do well. espicially since they are cutting the volume of $$ going to the napster division after the launch quarter, that means LESS advertising and exposure... not good for competition with iTMS
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    Very high cash burn rate by the sounds of things. Makes them sound like a ".dot com" from 2000. All of them became .bombs!
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    didn't anyone believe steve when he said itms is not a money maker, but essentially advertising for the ipod?! you gotta have a sweet mp3 player to make real money and the samsung /napster player is not it.
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    Actually, iTunes now DOES make a profit for Apple. In fact it broke even pretty quickly as I recall.

    It's a very small profit, less important than iPod sales (which in turn are less than Mac sales), but iTunes alone is NOT a loss like other music stores are.

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