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nas for mac

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Server, Xserve, and Networking' started by mrdinh, Apr 21, 2009.

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    Does anyone have experience with miniStack v3 External Hard Drives?

    Or do you recommend another brand of HD to hookup to my router for sharing files/backup?

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    I have a dlink dns-323 NAS that i am very happy about, works gr8 with mac, pc, linux and is fairly affordable.

    It is not the fastest NAS there is but its reliable and lets me do pretty much all the settings i want.

    Generally i dont like dlink, because there stuff has a tendency to break after 12-18 months but this has been turned on since i bought it like 2-5 years ago and traveled over the Atlantic a few times.
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    I'm looking for the same thing & I keep coming back to the Minstack v3 BUT...the more I investigate the more I'm being put off... for instance the marketing departments hype staement of "whisper quiet" sounds like it could be a little more than whisper quiet from what I've been reading the last few days ...I dunno , I just sounds to good to be true...I want some decent piece of kit and this seems , well just hyped up for a quick buck turnover for OWC.

    I'd like my NAS, if possible, to be real quiet, to have access from anywhere, allow secure connections, allow password protected accounts, anything else I should look for? , ftp support maybe , support for a wide variety of systems/file types etc etc ....what features should people looking to buy NAS look out for ?

    re the Ministack v3 there are lots of threads around, here's one I read

    and a video :

    Gotta say, I think they look great and they fit real nice under the Mini which is where I'd like my storage to go BUT...I'm thinking I'll keep looking a while longer .
    Maybe I'll go get something which has 2x750Gb drives in [750's are supposed to be 'better than 1Tb drives?!] and some handy features like ftp support support for various file types, especially the Apple OS X one's !!

    Don't know about you but I'm struggling with deciding [ can you tell :p sorry for jacking the thread...bit of a waffle there:eek: ]
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    Sounds like what you need is to buy a low-end, low power PC Chassis and put some drives inside and run BSD Unix ir Linux on it. Then you will have a very fast, full featured server.
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    got an old G3 iMac with a 80Gb hd, 2X400FW ports would that be ok do you think ? , maybe with a couple big drives plugged in the FW ? it can run Tiger ok and panther really well.

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