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NASA develops 'thought-reading' software

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Mar 17, 2004.

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    I must say... that is really awesome stuff. I wish I could help with the project... :(
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    It will be revolutionary if it is integrated with operating systems, especially in combination with eye movements. Eg you could think 'open' while looking at an icon, and it would open. It would also save a lot of time searching for a specific feature in an application, eg in an unfamiliar web browser, instead of looking around for a bookmark feature, you could think 'bookmark this page'.

    Although from another perspective, it would be disastrous if people could hack into your thoughts and find out exactly what you are thinking... imagine Windows with this technology. :eek:
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    yeah you make some really good points about the pros and possible cons of this sort of technology.

    either way this is some amazing research, and might let us skip right over the "Minority Report" Phase of future computer interfaces. :eek:
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    this is in my opinion a waste of valuable time and money.

    we haven't even perfected speech recognition yet. and in my opinion, thought recognition is a lot more complicated that speech recognition.

    why not try making a rain forest out of a desert. that would surely yield better results.
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    MacBytes missed the rest of the headline:

    Full headline:

    "NASA Develops 'Thought-Reading' Software and Tests Prototype on Half a Dozen Mars Probes"

    (OK, I actually am supportive research without current applications. And I'm supportive of Mars probes a lot more than I am of Bush's plan to take money from everywhere else and send PEOPLE there for no good reason.)
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    Dont Hurt Me

    true, its to bad they dont concentrate on a shuttle replacement or detecting asteroids coming our way like the one just seen a few days before missing the Earth. it flys by us thursday another near miss thank god.
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    Awesome stuff - and it has a great potential for people outside the space program....makes you wonder if they'll ever get to really do mind reading - instead of looking at throat muscle nerve impulses and just get them from the source :D

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    Jerry Spoon

    Looks like they'll have plenty of resource $$'s to focus on this now that they're leaving hubble out there to die. :(
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    Dont Hurt Me

    Nasa has become nothing more then a dream shop for scientist, they do a lot of science but where are the ships to go to space? they piss away money in a thousand ways yet cant build a rocket? its time to make Nasa just a Science institute and make a Space Agency who's main goal is to get to and explore space. To many dreamers, artists and politicians at Nasa. We need a Real Space Agency and they are anything but. Might as well hand it over to the military if all they are going to do is sit on their arses and draw pictures. What has Nasa done since Apollo??? what has Nasa Done since destroying 2 shuttles. they are floundering and lost on Earth.
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    Boy, I ought to thump you.

    Too many dreamers?

    How do you figure out how to explore space without being a dreamer? We live in a time where we can realistically think about sending a human to another planet (and, like Arn, I think there are better ways to spend money). The single most complicated and difficult humans are doing these days are sending probes to mars.

    The space shuttle is the also the most complicated machine on the planet, and every country that has tried to copy it has failed. The shuttle is amazingly successful, given that it's underfunded. NASA originally wanted liquid rocket boosters, and for a time was considering having them eject, and fly back to the space center like a missile and land on it's own, something that would save NASA money in the long run.

    in over 110 launches, there have only been two fatal events, which equates to a greater than 98% success rate. Not bad, considering that 5 humans can sit on top of several thousand pounds of highly explosive propellant, survive in a vacuum for 10 days, and then plummet back through the atmosphere which safely burns up the 2,000 tons of debris hitting the Earth every day.

    "What has NASA done since Apollo." Go get your head examined, and do some reading on Mars, satellites, reusable space vehicles, ion drives or the Cassinni space probe.
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    Dont Hurt Me

    Apollo went to the moon, took moon buggys etc , a rocket that did something and went somewhere. Shuttle had endless loops in a very low orbit and cost 1000 times what it was suppose to. killed how many astronauts and those 2 ships cost how much? when it comes to space travel for humans what has Nasa done since Apollo 30 years ago? not jack squat, nothing comes even close to putting someone on the moon but they did redesign the low orbit space station 5 times at a cost of a billion dollars before one nut and bolt was in place. :rolleyes: Pork Barrel Space Travel and the clowns have to get Russian ships to go to the ISS. NASA is Lost on Earth playing science,drawing pictures redesigning and redesigning while getting ready to let the Greatest telescope in history burn up in the atmosphere. and they have no way to space.
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    Id say let the scientists "rule" NASA again. they should not allow politicians to do their jobs.

    what does mind-reading programs have to do with N.A.S.A. anyway?

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