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Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by scwinsett, Jun 13, 2010.

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    I'll be pre-ordering at the Apple Store in Green Hills in the Mall on Tuesday. Anyone else? I've never been to an Apple launch before... will there be a midnight release on June 24?

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    I reserved mine for in-store pickup. They will be opening at 7 AM on the 24th so I'd recommend getting there before then or just waiting until the afternoon after the initial batch has been given out. You have until the end of the day to pick it up.

    I'm gonna try to show up around 5 AM. I'm not sure when and where they are going to let us line up though since there is massive construction going on at the south entrance (by the Apple Store).
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    Seeing that I live in Murfreesboro I will most likely drive by the AT&T store here the night before to see what it looks like then go about 2-3 am the next morning to wait for 7 am to come around. I don't think I have it in my to drive all the way out to Nashville to line up at Green Hills, but I may decide to do that. I know I went with a friend a few years ago when Leopard came out. We happened to show up mid-day when they shut the store down for the release. We were like 10th in line, but by the time we walked out with ours the line was all the way through the mall and coming up the escalators next to the Cheesecake Factory for just the operating system release. I can't imagine what a mess this will be. I was in Florida for the 3G launch and people were lined up at the AT&T in Port Orange at 10 pm the night before. You guys lucked out with those preorders. Here is to opening they ship enough for that Thursday.
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    i have reserved my iphone4 at green hills. what time should i show up? i want to get it before work. this is my first iphone,,,excited!!!
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    How does the Green Hills store operate the lines.
    walk-ins and pre-orders separate? One line and then separate them near opening time?
    I saw two lines for the ipad launch.:confused:
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    I'm pretty sure there will be a Reserve line and a Walk-In line, but not 100%. The mall opens it's doors at 5am, so that's when I'm gettin there
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    Reserved mine there as well. Plan to get there around 3am just to document the madness.
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    Since the Apple site was down when I tried to order Tuesday @ 6AM, I am just going to wait for delivery by FedEx since I went to AT&T site to place order. I will miss meeting everyone in line...kinda cool if you hadn't done it before.
    I wonder if any tee-shirts will be given out.
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    I hope so.. I always love t-shirts..
    I am more excited by the iPhone 4 than any Christmas ever excited me as a kid... and that's saying a lot. I'm a bit obsessed. I just keep refreshing MacRumors all day
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    Does the reservations line tend to move pretty quickly? This is my first experience buying an iPhone on release day. I have my reservation. I called the store to make sure I didn't need to be the head of the family account to buy, everything is set. I just don't want to have to be there at 7am.
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    I called today too for the same reason. I'm so ridiculously excited... I feel like maybe there's something wrong with me! I do have mild OCD but this iPhone is all I think about hahahaha
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    I'll be at Green Hills, too! Coming from Franklin. If there are enough people to form a line overnight, will the mall let us camp outside the doors, or will we not be allowed on mall property?
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    Not sure. Since I reserved mine, camping out isn't really necessary. I'm just gonna show up at 4:30, as the malls open at 5am, but even that is overkill. So long as I pick it up that day it doesn't really matter... they will have enough. I have been assured by the Apple Store staff that there should be plenty for everyone.

    I'm only going early for the fun of it.
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    is this it though? I'd think there would be more Nashville people on this site
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    Both myself and a co-worker of mine are planning to get there around 6am (meeting up at 5:30 at the office to drive down) on release day, we both reserved phones for pick-up in store.

    So if you see a couple of Cummins employees walking around, that'll be us.
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    Do y'all know how camping out will work as far as us being allowed on the mall property or not? Will they let us sit outside the door closest to the Apple store or do they not let us on the property at all until the mall opens? I'm hoping to be within the first 5 in line so I'll be checking every day to see when the line starts to form.
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    I'm not sure. I won't be camping since I reserved one, so I'll be there at 4:30..

    I'll be wearing a blue t-shirt and khaki pants hahaha
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    haha I haven't planned that far ahead yet.

    Have you ever been to a launch at this Apple store before? I was at the Cool Springs AT&T last year.
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    I was at the Cool Springs AT&T last year too actually.. no I havent been to a launch at this Apple Store. Never wanted anything badly enough to do it. I do not particularly care much for our Apple Store. The employees are really not as intelligent as I'd hope a computer store's employees should be. They seem to be hired strictly based on how "hip" their appearance is.
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    Yeah, I've noticed this too. I went in to buy a 3GS(full price, no contract) in March and for every question I asked they guy, he had to go in the back to get the answer for me..

    What place in line were you last year? Trying to see if I remember you ha.
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    I didn't get there early or anything. I just walked in around 2pm. Didn't have a problem getting a white 16gb 3GS, but the demand was nowhere near what it is for this one.

    Every time I go to the Apple Store (many times, as Apple products aren't as perfectly made as they like to say, but Apple Care is a perfect warranty so it all works out), the employees are numbskulls. I have literally had to walk the guy through the process of putting the phone in DFU mode... THEY SHOULD KNOW THIS
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    Hey I just called the mall and they said we ARE allowed to camp outside the doors closest to the store, but no covers or tents are allowed. Only a chair or something that you can carry in your hand.
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    Thanks for this information!
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    Starting the Line!

    I'm sure some of you already know about all this but I have been at the mall scoping out what I'm going to do and where to line up and stuff in case I'm the first one(hoping to be, or at least first few). So I guess this would just be for anyone that is unfamiliar with the Green Hills mall.

    If you turn into the main mall parking lot(where Starbucks and Cheesecake Factory and stuff is) where Ruby Tuesday is on your right, then turn left and go straight past Carrabbas, which will be on your right. Then go straight through the stop sign, with Macy's on your right and turn right and head into the parking garage. Keep going straight and you'll see some doors that lead onto a bridge where there will be a Gap sign up on the right. Then you just go through the next set of doors and down the stairs and you're at the Apple store!

    Only reason I'm posting this is because the normal doors that are closest to the store are closed off due to the construction going on outside the building, so what I just described above is what I found to be the closest entrance.

    And of course if there is already another line formed before I get there, I'll just join that one.. haha.
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    What time are you getting there? I reserved one, thinking about going around midnight to check out the line...

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