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Nashville, TN

Discussion in 'Leopard Event Meetups' started by Me1000, Oct 17, 2007.

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    I wont be there (pre-ordered my copy yesterday), but Im just curious who is...
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    I won't be there right at 6 (don't get off work till then), but I'll be at the Green Hills Apple Store by around 6:30.
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    i will! leaving murfreesboro around 4:30.. get there at 5:30... wait till 6PM
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    I have mine pre-ordered, but now after finding out they are giving away t-shirts to the first customers, I think I'll go and pick up a copy for a friend of mine and just keep the t-shirt!
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    thats a good idea!
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    Ill be there at 530 waiting!
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    I pre-ordered my copy, but who can pass up on an opportunity to hang out with other Mac fanatics. I mean, I can't. Also, the possibility of free Leopard T-Shirt? Just icing on the cake. I'll be there around 4:30 or so @ Green Hills. Funny to think the last OS release I went to was at 'ol MacAuthority.
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    I'll be there around 5.30! getting me a family pack. Funny, I start training the very next day as a seasonal mac specialist
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    I will be there! With a friend! Picking up a family pack! Can't wait to get my hands on that DVD! See you all there! :apple:
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    MTSU is selling it to students for $69. You have to wait until Monday because they close at 4:30 PM.
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    if apple would give high school students discounts.... gah!
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    Where did you read this at? I am a student here at MTSU and just checked the bookstore's price on Leopard and it is coming out to $116 for a single user disc.

    On the side note, I will be getting to the store with some friends around 4:30.
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    I'll be there. Good to know other Macrumors folks will be too.
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    I'll be there!

    I haven't posted on MR in forever, but I figured...

    Nice to know other people in Nashville actually post on MR!
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    Yeah, its pretty cool! :cool:
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    I talked to the woman at MTSU who takes care of the Apple stuff today and she said they will be selling it for $69, but they will not be there until Monday. They are only getting 15 copies and you cannot pre-order.
    Thinking about going to the Apple store and buying it anyways--I really want the t-shirt! :p Wife says I should wait until Monday!
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    get leopard and a free t-shirt.. and have a party at the apple store...

    or go down the street and get leopard on monday..

    not a hard decision for me!
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    I will be there before six, wearing a black FastMac t-shirt. I'll have 19 black FastMac t-shirts to give away to anyone who will be willing to wear it immediately.

    My plan is to have fun in line, give away shirts, buy the family pack, get a shirt, then sit out in the mall and drink a Venti Starbucks while I upgrade my MBP with Leopard.

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    I'll be there. And Sam I will take one of your FASTMAC t-shirts from you as long as you have a medium! See everyone about 4-430

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    I haven't heard that... but will check it out.
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    I preordered my copy and am installing it now, but I'm still going to the Apple store tonight for the experience and the t-shirt. Hopefully I'll have some time to play with Leopard before 6. What a great day!
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    Green Hills Apple Store Line Photos

    Number 5 & 6 in line at the Green Hills Apple Store. More photos to come as the night progresses!



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    Hey CashGap, were in line ready to put on the fastmac t-shirts! #5&6 in line!
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    Green Hills Apple Store Line Photos 2


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