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Native Instant Messaging App for iPhone

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Aug 27, 2007.

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    TUAW reports on the first native Instant Messaging client for the iPhone.

    The application is called Apollo IM and only provides support for AIM accounts at this time and is described as an "early beta" release.

    With all native 3rd party iPhone applications, you need to use various tools/hacks to get the applications loaded. Doing so also may require you to restore your iPhone before upgrading to the newest versions of iPhone updates.

    A direct download (.zip) is available, or can also be installed via Installer.app.

    Article Link
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    I'm still a little shocked that iChat wasn't included on the phone in the first place...

    Hopefully Apple with introduce an AIM client soon or someone will develop an easy way to install apps on the phone.
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    This is awesome! I can't wait till it gets out of the beta stages, I saw the digg article with pictures, it's looking pretty sweet!

    Yea, I also wish they included an iChat client with the iPhone. It would've been nice to be able to recieve IM's without always having the phone on right in front of you.
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    Someone has, installer.app...it really does not get any easier
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    This sucks. They shouldnt have even released this as early beta.
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    I was talking to a friend about his AT&T phone plan because I was curious how the plans were with NON-iPhone users, and he said he gets unlimited data and texting is a part of that.

    HOWEVER... When he uses AOL IM or YAHOO CHAT, it counts as a text message.

    I'm assuming there was some head bumping going on between Apple and AT&T about what programs were going to be available for now.

    The web app JiveTalk blows this Apollo IM out of the water. Something feels like it's missing. I know it's a beta, but just saying. I installed it, tried it, hated it, and uninstalled it.

    I recommend you all try it too if you have the Installer.app running on your phone. I think you'll agree with me.
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    How do i uninstall the installer.app?
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    Dude.. don't be an @$$.... seriously.

    if you read the notes you'd see that it's been released as mostly a UI Test / Usability test.
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    The trick is to go into the .app directory, and delete the files first, then go up, and delete the enclosing .app directory.

    ssh -l root
    cd /Applications/Installer.app
    rm *.*
    cd ../
    rmdir Installer.app

    That should do it.
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    im not being an åss, im just saying, i think they should have made it a bit nicer, no one wants to test this. I cant even hold a conversation with it, why would i test it?
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    I will just wait for Apple to give us iChat.
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    Ok...i didnt understand any of that...
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    I'm surprised you installed Installer.app without a basic understanding of UNIX commands.

    You are on a Mac, correct?
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    Yeah, dont be, i try to learn but i just cant. Yes i am on a mac.
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    That was an example IP address in the instructions.
    To Find your iPhone's IP address.

    You need to be connected to a WiFi network.

    At the Home screen…
    Click Settings
    Click WiFi
    Click the blue arrow of the network you’re connected to
    IP address is displayed

    Use your iPhones IP address in the place of []
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    It said connection refused..
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    Do you have SSH installed on your iPhone? If not, you can do so from the Installer.app

    You must have SSH installed and have the iPhone on the same subnet as your Mac that you're connecting from.

    Also.... if you haven't changed your iPhones root password it's "dottie"

    If I were you though I'd just keep Installer.app installed. It has the ability to update itself and will keep you current on most 3rd party iPhone apps as they progress.
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    Use iTunes to restore your iPhone.
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    does this work on the newest update for the iPhone?
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    yes it does
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    Yeah.. you are right. I don't want to go through the hoops and hacks to get this software installed. I will wait for Apple to update my iPhone with iChat. In the mean time I am going to use the chat softwares that are available over the internet. They work great too but it just drains the battery.
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    This is really starting to p1ss me off. I know this is all my fault, but i didnt think it would be hard to uninstall in the first place. It wont take my password. I tried the one for my phone, and the one for my computer. Neither work. What am i supposed to do!?
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    i guess i could just wait until i get home to try it for myself but.... Does this program just run in the background and only transmit over edge when there is some activity? As in can i keep myself logged in all the time send a few IMs, make a call then go back to sending ims or is it "signed in when your looking at the app only"?
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    I haven't tried uninstalling it personally, but isn't there an uninstall button right on there?

    Open Installer App
    Tap the Uninstall Tab
    Tap Installer.app

    should be off your phone right?

    Just do a backup of your phone and reset your phone if you don't know how to uninstall the Installer.app

    The next update is going to reset your phone to factory settings anyway, so it's either now or later.
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