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NBA Commercial Effect (v.How??)

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by palmleaf, Feb 20, 2008.

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    Program: Final Cut Express HD

    I don't know if you guys are familiar with the new NBA Commerical.
    If not, here's a Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evApapdysp0

    The effect I'm looking for is more specified in the scene with Yao Ming scoring.
    There are definitely two layers, where Yao Ming is one layer and is moving slightly faster than the background. (very very slow motion)

    I'm looking forward to doing a short presentation using this effect.
    Any tips you guys have out there that would make this attempt easier is much appreciated! :) Thanks!
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    Wow. That post could not have been better. Thanks man!

    Quick question..maybe you would know the answer.
    Does After Effects work with Final Cut Express? In other words, can I import files from After Effects into FCE?
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    After completing the effect in After Effects, you would then render your composition out to a quicktime movie file which you can drop into your FCE project.
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    You could also do this in Quartz Composer, which has the benefit of coming free with every Mac (install the developer tools from your Mac OS X disk)

    I made a quick example using the image from the tutorial to create a dolly zoom effect. I included the project as well so you can see how it works

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    This what I came up with just using Photoshop and FCE. Thank you guys for helping me out! I'm not on my Mac right now, but once I am I'll check out the Quicktime link. :)
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    I don't post a lot on here anymore, but this deserved a response. Well done! I felt some of them were more realistic looking then the actual commercials from the NBA. The best one was the arena with the flames. It was something different and I enjoyed it. Not bad at all for a first time.
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    Your post really means a lot to me! I'm just getting into the video industry and am SO excited to learn more about it. Comments like yours only makes this learning experience unbelievable. Thanks for making the effort to comment ;).
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    WoW Very nice I'm definitely going to try this in FCP.

    What exactly did you do? Just add a few different pictures and key frame them with a slow motion movement? After effects seems more into depth, I may have to download it and try it out. I'm sure this could be done perfectly fine in FCP though if you don't mind sharing what you did.

    Your video looks awesome man! keep up the good work.
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    Well, since this is a 3D effect in a 2D world, there are actually several ways to achieve effects like this.
    The simplest is by placing several images in 3d space and using a "camera" to change the perspective. But this requires a program capable of these things.

    However for those who do not have such programs, the same effects can be achieved by using several superimposed images, moving independantly from each other. This requires a little more thought. but can be done very easily in FCE, FCP, Quartz Composer, Flash,... (actually almost any software capable of animation)

    I have now tried this out in FCE and Quartz Composer, and the results are good, although I have not yet figured out which translations create which camera movement. (ie Dolly Zoom= foreground stays unchanged, background scales down or up)

    Hope this helps.

    P.S. remember to use images with an alpha channel (like .png) to use as foreground.
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    nba double face commercial

    I just converted to the apple computer and I also have final cut. I was wanting to know the best way to recreate the nba commercial where they had two players on the screen with half of their face on the screen
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    In the motion tab in the Final Cut viewer, you can crop the video. So basically, shoot each person, layer the video and sync it, and then crop the right side out on 1 layer and the left side out on the other layer.
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    I also have to say you did a fabulous job. Good work!
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    NBA commercial

    Wow I was thinking high speed video or something. Great examples. Any easy tutorials I can follow to re-create these motion from a still frame NBA commercials on a MAC? Is After Effects the easiest and quickest to learn? Does After Effects work on a MAC? I have FCP but am a newbie trying to build out a cool slideshow for high school seniors sports graduation. . .


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