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NBA League Pass for iPad coming?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Mosi, Oct 5, 2010.

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    Do any of you guys know if NBA League Pass will be offered on iPad this year? NBA.com doesn't have any info up and I don't know if they have offered it in the past.

    Thanks for any insight you guys might have.
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    They had a free iPad app last year called NBA Game Time Courtside and it is still up, but it didn't offer audio or video feeds.

    They had a paid iphone app called "NBA Game Time 2009-2010" that offered live audio feeds. It is still up and free now.

    They also had team "Game Time" apps for less that offered live audio for just that team.

    I'm guessing they will come out with a paid "NBA Game Time 2010-2011" for both the iPhone and iPad that will do live audio. Not sure if they will do a team/by/team version again. Would actually make more sense to offer one app for less or even free and then do in-app purchases for specific teams feeds or all teams.

    Look them up on appshopper.com to get when the came out..
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    They had an iPhone app that carried live all the regular games except those in your local city, and nationally televised games (in other words it was subject to the NBA blackout rules.) In addition you could watch games on demand for a day or two afterwards. I believe I paid $49.99--the price went down as the season progressed. When the iPad came out, the IPhone app did not work on it. My guess is the app is coming for both devices any time now.
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    That link just sent me to the main page where I can buy the app for my phone or broadband...
    Has anyone tried to download this app for the iphone and use it on your ipad? Does it work this season? If so, how's the quality? I'm itching to press the button, but I want to make sure it works, cuz I'm certainly not planning on watching the games on my phone unless I'm no where near wifi and my ipad/computer.
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    I bought League Pass and watched several games on my ipad last night. Picture quality is decent, but obviously not as good as a universal app would be. Otherwise the app is great. Hopefully they will have a universal app soon.

    My main complaint is that the League Pass is device specific. I tried to watch on iphone and it appeared that i would get billed $45 again.
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    Ah, thanks for the heads up! So you purchased it on your iPad and tried to transfer it to you iPhone as well?

    That's sad that they won't allow it on both. Kinda kills hope for a universal app. I'm scared that if I buy it on my ipad, they'll release an iPad specific version later in the season. Ah what to do...

    How does it compare to streaming it on a computer?
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    So u watched flash video on ur iPad last night? I'm calling bs. League pass bb uses adobe flash to stream - I've had it before on my pc. So how'd u watch it on an iPad?
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    http://www.nba.com/leaguepass/mobile/index.html there is an app for it.
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    I've heard a lot about the iphone app crashing on the ipad app and making you have to buy a separate app for the ipad... though I'm pretty sure this is not working as intended.

    The NBA has this "Three Point Play" deal that I just googled. It basically gives you everything - TV, broadband, mobile... and theres a quote in the article saying they'll be coming out with an iPad specific app within the next month or so.

    For Optimum, its about $209 for all of that so I think I'll buy it. Check your local service provider if you're interested.

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    I used iphone app to watch on ipad. Crashes occasionally but overall decent picture. Good way to get league pass for $45.
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    Update has fixed crashing on ipad.
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    do people actually still watch NBA? :p
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    jailbreak the ipad and install frash! i've been using flash on my ipad for a while now. :)

    does this surprise you? i've been watching basketball as long as I could remember plus this season has been amazing!
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    Agree, this is gonna be a good one! Celtics definitely deserved it last season so I hope they're gonna win it this time
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    New NBA courtside 2011 update to last years ipad app is out. Looks good. Haven't tried it yet with any games. Unfortunately video highlights aren't loading for me, just a spinning wheel. Able to log on with my League Pass account. We'll see if the video works tonight.
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    Just wondering if anyone with a league pass subscription had a chance to try out the live feeds. I've had good experience with the iPhone app and was hoping for an even better experience with the iPad.
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    Live feed worked well. Video portion is iphone sized superimposed onto a graphic of a basketball court. On a local network quality was good. Wish the video was the entire iPad but..... Oh well. At least it's included in the league pass without the need to buy the mobile service.
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    Thanks for the update. That's disappointing. Doesn't really justify an upgrade from the mobile plan. Waiting for potential to meet reality is frustrating sometimes. At least my celtics are rolling.
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    I can't get this app to work on my iPad at all none of the video highlights work i did link my broadband account but the games are grayed out when i try to watch them. Anyone else experience this?
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    League pass for the iPad

    My download of the app on the iPad keeps crashing. When I try to go through the website I get as far as the blank dark screen just before the videos usually appear but that's as far as I get.
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    Deserved it? I desreve Paul Pierces financials...
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    Then learn his game :)
  25. Diiiiips, Dec 17, 2011
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    Is this NBA Game Time app still available? I had it at the end of the last season but can't find it on my iPad now for some reason. Can't see it on the App Store either now.

    Really was a good app IMO.

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