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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by justinhasnohops, Jul 5, 2009.

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    First off, Lakers winning the championship, seems a bit overrated huh? I'm personally a fan of the Miami Heat, but we all know they didn't have a chance,THISYEAR.

    All these new trades are such a surprise, Shaq to the Cavaliers? Shaq was cool when he was in Miami or the Lakers or Orlando. He's just pushing it now. He left Miami when they started to suck, the Suns and most likely Cleaveland if they don't win this year.

    Blake Griffin expectations?
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    I don't know how much Shaq can help. Being a Suns fan (here comes the flood) one of the keys to his success was the fact that the Suns' trainers are extremely strict. His diet was under a huge (Shaq-size) microscope. That made him leaner and faster and kept him healthy. If he's injured for half the season, he's not helpful. I understand the "he only needs to be there in the playoffs" but a full healthy Shaq is key. Also, he was not so effective in stopping Mr. Howard.

    iThink the Spurs might get their revenge, although iThink it might be the last time with this core.

    I also saw Richard Jefferson play what has to be the worst game of his career when he was with the Nets and the played Phoenix. Mr. Jefferson missed two dunks, one of them wide open. It was a great comedy show. He also had some other problems in that game...
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    That's respectable, you live in the area your a fan. Same with me and Miami. Shaq has probably got 1-4 years left under his belt, any longer would be pushing it.

    Richard Jefferson, hmm. He got traded didn't he?
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    Umm..I live in Dallas. :D

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    Well then thats just.. SUNS?!?!?!? Why not the Mavericks.

    The Spurs have my favorite college player, Jack McClinton.
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    I liked them back in the Barkley days. First place I watched basketball was w/ my family who lives in the desert...
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    celtics signed rasheed!

    him and kg are gonna be smokin blunts daily.
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    Well, if you look at what the Magic were missing in the finals, it was a solid guard. With the addition of Vince Carter and having potential all-star Jameer Nelson back and healthy, I strongly believe that the Magic have huge potential in winning the championship this year. If you break down their team, well heck, I will for ya:

    PG - Jameer Nelson: One of the top point guards last year. He was on his way to the all-star game had he not damaged his shoulder. He will be once again a top competitor next year.

    SG - Vince Carter: One of the better players in recent memory. He's a Lebron James Tracy McGrady type of player. He can shoot the three and drive the ball. I know he's getting a little old, but that's not going to stop him, especially with the other players he has to share the ball with.

    SF - Hedo Turkoglu: Amazing player. If you watched him in the Finals, he played a Kobe type game. He showed Lamar Odem that he too can get the shooting foul. One of the best three shooters in the league with an amazing left-handed drive. Also, come-back player of the year two years ago.

    PF - Rashard Lewis: Once again, a great player. He's a lot like Turkoglu, but more athletic. In (I think) game three of the Finals, he completely took over and dominated the game. I believe he could do that about every game if he wanted to be a stand out player.

    C - Dwight Howard: The best center, hands down. He completely dominates the game on both ends of the court. Easily the best down low defensive man, the best down low on the offensive end as well. He was second in the league in double-doubles (some guy in NY had him beat) and had the most rebounds in the league last year, along with blocks. He's also crazily athletic. Not to mention, he's getting better with age. The only thing he was missing was someone he could dish the ball out to or help with a drive or two, they got him that with Vinsanity.

    I typed that, not going to reread it or check for any references, I'm an avid NBA fan and I'm pretty sure it's all accurate.

    (P.S. I'm a Magic fan)
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    Umm... that Small Forward will be playing in the North, i.e. Canada.
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    Not sure why you're saying the Lakers winning the championship is overrated as they were predicted before the season started to be in the Finals. Boston hit the injuries and the Cavs got punked by Orlando. Lakers did have the most talented and deepest team. They now lose Ariza to Houston only to pick up Ron Artest. If they can manage to sign Lamar Odom and Bynum remains healthy, nobody will want to play this team.

    If KG comes back strong though...Boston is obviously a very dangerous team and I wouldn't want to play them. I don't see Shaq as the answer in Cleveland but it will make for a fun few games to watch. Eastern conference finals is probably Boston vs. Cleveland and that will be bloody.

    Blake Griffin. I'd actually love to see the Clippers get SOME love and not season after season of terrible luck, terrible decisions and horrible injuries. I hope Griffin does great...he looks a beast.
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    I'm a Suns fan too, and from a Suns fan perspective I don't like the Shaq trade. However, I'm also a Cleveland fan, so I like it. If Shaq stays healthy for the whole season, I think Cleveland is just one decent player addition from winning the 2010 championship... I'm hoping they can pick someone solid up on the free agent market.
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    Alrighty, I knew that he ended the talks with Portland, wasn't aware that he went darting to Toronto.

    Well, I'm leaving my post the way it is, it's better looking with him in the lineup. ;)
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    I'll be in Boulder on Tuesday...weird. I like the Shaq trade in that if they keep Amaré then it will help him out, the middle was way too clogged with the both of them. Also, if Shaq gets injured, that's a lot of problems. But then again, I didn't like the Shaq trade to begin with; but, keeping him around...
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    You do realise that Turkoglu signed with the Raptors, no? ;)

    I think the Raptors will be huge. I know what people are thinking ---- I'm crazy. However, they were first in their division just 2 years ago (weak division, but still....), and they were probably better last year than they were 2 years ago. However, people were playing hurt, and that hurt the season. This year, the Raptors have another team that's at least as good as the team from 2 years ago, except Bargnani is now really awesome, and Turkoglu can contribute well enough.

    We also have a centre now that can play defence, so I don't see how things can go wrong again unless there are more injuries to Calderon and Bosh.

    And with regards to Shaq: I think he's still amazing. Dwight Howard is completely overrated, IMO. After so many years, he hasn't developed an offensive move, and watching him take a hook-shot from further than 5 feet is dreadfully embarrassing for him, and for Ewing, who has had to endure teaching the Shrek of basketball how to be graceful on offence. Ewing knows he failed, too. The guy has been in the league for years now. A centre that can't even hook the ball is useless. Ok, he can rebound and block some, but centres like that tire out by the time they're 30 and their knees hurt. How will he contribute then?? What you'll have is a centre with above average rebounding and blocking abilities, but no scoring touch.
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    Two years ago Shaq was awful. He was out of shape and injured, that's the key with all centers. His numbers in Phoenix were great, some of them flirted with career highs, but with a center that big at that age - health is without a doubt the biggest concern. Also, don't get me wrong I like Shaq, but seriously, go watch those tapes, Howard was not being stopped. If Howard can get the foul trouble under control he will become near unstoppable, that's what's holding him back now. I mean seriously, look at his game, what part is lacking besides staying on the court.
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    The part that is lacking in his game, I hate to say it, is everything that classic offensive bball players have. He really can't score unless he's directly under the basket. He's good defensively but like others have already said, watch him put the ball on the floor and go to make a move like a hook shot and :eek: He has little in the way to offer as an actual scorer. Which is kind of crazy because he is very athletic and one would assume you could eventually get that. Shaq is horrible away from the basket as well so this entire post doesn't mean much cause he has won multiple rings.
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    It's not so much that I think they should have kept Shaq, I just don't like what they got for him. As far as I know, they have no plans for the money other than to put it in the bank, and now it sounds like Ben Wallace may not be looking for a buy out after all. I don't want to see Wallace in a Suns jersey.
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    Best three shooters in the league? Jason Kopono, Kyle Korver, and Damon Jones. Add Steph Curry in there in a couple months.

    I really like Rashard, but he's proven he's NOT that type of player. He can step up and have a huge game, but he's not the consistent 25 ppg player the Magic thought he was when they threw over $100 million at him.


    You know, except the offensive end.

    David Lee.

    Let's hope so. His offensive game is atrocious. He doesn't know how to play basketball. Seriously, he is not good at the game of basketball. He's a 6 foot 11 inch guy who can jump out of the gym and is far too mobile for anyone of similar size to stay in front of him. Besides that, I have more basketball talent than he does (in my 5 foot 9 frame).

    The only reason the Magic got where they did is because he did have players to dish out to. C'mon, you just spent 4 paragraphs naming all of them.

    I see we have a Raptors fan, lol. You guys are a going to be a good team, but you really shouldn't expect a Finals run. Either way, your team should see big improvement.

    You'd be right. The most dominant player of all time still has it. Not 30 points 15 rebounds has it, but most of it.

    And it should be embarassing. I can spot 15 guys in the recreation center where I play that have more basketball skill than Dwight Howard has. Unfortunately for them they're not 6 foot 10, they're not massive, and they can't jump as high as Vince Carter.
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    I'd also like to add that the NBA's Boston Celtics are going to attempt to accomplish a feat never before done in the NBA: Winning a title when more than half their team needs walkers, oxygen tubes, and Depends adult diapers.
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    My understanding is that the Suns are aware that if they want to trade for Tyson Chandler they can do that at any point, however, I don't think they want to tie up the money for two years.
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    Great post and I agree with everything you've said. ^^that made me laugh as that's all the Magic can do is dish out and that's what they did all season. Unless it's an easy dunk cause Howard, for as athletic as he is, has no game...yet.
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    True they are old but I'm not betting against them if they stay healthy. I'd also like to add what are the possibilities Ron Artest stays out of the news next Laker season?
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    He's Mutombo with more money, more hype, and less swagger.

    He must be the only Dream Teamer who isn't a go-to guy when his team needs him. I know he gets into foul trouble early due to his aggressive defence, but he's not even a go-to guy in the other quarters either, where he does get minutes.

    And you're right about his basketball --- he can't play it. If he wasn't so tall, he'd be ME! :p
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    Umm... I mean he hasn't really gotten in much trouble lately. I'd say:
    Spurs/Lakers vs. Celtics/Cavs

    While I don't think that Shaq helps Cleveland that much, they got someone that can at least score consistently, which was problem numero uño last year - that small forward position for the magic is looking lonelier and lonelier.
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    Only to pick up Ron Artest? He's one of the leagues best defenders in my opinion. The only problem is will he do good with Kobe Bryant?

    Do Clippers still have Baron Davis?

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