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Need 40 inch tv

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by SuperMiguel, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. SuperMiguel, Nov 19, 2011
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    Needs to be purchased from bestbuy have a $1000 gift card, limited space only 41"x27 1/8" so it needs to be 40-42.. I want it to be LED and to be 3D capable...

    On the best buy website they dont have 42" that fit my needs on stock, so down to 40", they got:

    Samsung UN40D6420UFXZA
    Sony KDL40EX723

    Samsung UN40C7000WF (not sure about it since it says outlet, so probably forget about this one)

    So im down to just

    Samsung UN40D6420UFXZA
    Sony KDL40EX723
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    I personally wouldn't pay a premium for 3D on a 32", too small.
    But that might be a matter of taste of course...
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    I wouldn't pay for 3D on a 32" tv. might be worth while to wait till black friday.. i know the Fred Meyer here has a 32" LG on sale for $199. probably not 1080p but could make a good set until you can get a Bigger 3D set.
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    Thing is that my furniture only holds a 32"
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    I can actually fit a 40 inch
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    between UN40D6420UFXZA and KDL40EX723
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    I bought this one about a year ago: link

    It's been a great TV and wouldn't hesitate to buy it again.
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    actually looking for a 40 inch now
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    changed initial post
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    any one?
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  12. SuperMiguel, Nov 20, 2011
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    FWIW, I have a Samsung TV and love it. 40". The only thing I would warn against is a gloss finish. I can tolerate it on a computer, but if I have to darken my living room just to watch tv, I might as well go all out and get an 80" projector. You might want to shop in person before you buy, as a lot of vendors tend to leave that detail off of their websites.

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