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need a battery for my 12" iBook G4 1.33

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by shantyfolk, Jun 15, 2007.

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    My original battery is getting pretty old and doesn't last very long. Where should I buy a new one? I've seen places selling original stock for $80, but those batteries are the same age as mine (but they have not been used). I have also seen a place that will sell you a "refilled" battery for $100. The most expensive I've seen is a NewerTech (new?) battery for $129.
    I wanted to post in the marketplace in case someone has one to sell, but I don't have enough posts to post in the Marketplace. WhadYa think?
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    That battery is actually less powerful than my original (4100mAh vs 4400mAh). Thats why I mentioned the $129 version (5000mAh) from NewerTech. Do you have first hand experience with the $99 battery in a 12" 1.33Ghz iBook?
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    I've purchased other batteries from them but not this specific one.
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    Have you checked to see if your iBook was included in the battery recall last summer? (or was it farther back?)
    The battery in my iBook (same as yours) was starting to act a bit lazy, then the battery recall appeared like a shining light from the heavens that replaced it with a brand spankin' new one. ..for FREE
    The recall may have expired by now, and/or your iBook battery may not be one of those affected by the recall.
    Worth a shot though.
    Just a thought.
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    I forgot about that recall...
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    I was really hoping that I was included in that recall when it happened, but I checked 3 times (I even called Apple to see if they would replace mine because my serial number was so close to the recalled ones), but unfortunately they sold me a good battery in the first place. =]
    I'm just lookin to get the best deal (and best battery) that I can.

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