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Need a favor

Discussion in 'Community' started by applemacdude, Aug 1, 2004.

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    I need a favor it has to do with ebay and you will get 10-15 bucks out of it please PM for details...Thanks and BTw nothing illegal or bad
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    To anyone who isn't sure, this guy's been around (the forums) for a while, so he's not some scammer that just signed up.
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    Thanks for the info, but I think the avatar and "macrumors 68020" kinda give that away. :rolleyes:

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    LOL :D
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    lol, well come on, I just meant like to anyone who isn't familiar with how the forums work, what 68020 means, or that you need 500 posts for an avatar. Posts like that one could be taken suspiciously, and if I hadn't been familiar with him or known that he's been here for a while, I might have thought this could be a scam or whatever, even though he said it wasn't.

    Just giving info for those less enlightened than us, thanks for the glowing praise though :rolleyes:

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    Again people can message me thru aim msn messenger or yahoo! just click on the little pics below my 'tar , or pm me
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    According to AIM, you aren't on. You can IM me, or check your PMs.
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    Anyone its still available
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    huh.. I never knew that you needed 500 posts for an avatar. very interesting...

    (yay for pointless posts!)
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    Damn it I need help, LOL someone please
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    I'm helping, I'm helping
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    I think that pic would be funnier if it was He-Man (or someone from He-Man) and not Rastilin<sp?> from Dragon Lance.


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