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Need a good Lock for PowerBook...Suggestion?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by DevilDog, Jan 8, 2006.

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    Just wanted to buy a lock for my 12" PowerBook so my stupid mom would quit taking it away. Which ones are the most lock-pick proof? I heard there was one that was practically invincible, but don't know the name. At least which company is most reputable? Thanks.
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    How old are you? Maybe you're doing things that deserve getting your PB taken away...why not just stop doing the things she doesn't like?
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    I'm also curious how old you are. You might be thankful that they've been so kind as to buy you a computer.

    And as to your sig:
    There's no such thing as an Ex-Marine. Once a Marine, always a Marine.
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    I'm 16. I paid half of the PowerBook with McCash. I dislike my Mom so I try to stay in my room but she always comes and instigates things. You wouldn't understand. I'd have to write an essay on it. Anyway... About the lock? I had been wanting to get one before that.
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    if your mom is really as psycho as you say she is (which I HIGHLY doubt), she'll be able to cut through pretty much any lock you buy anyways. Try listening.
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    Get the Kensington ones with the screamer function, moving the computer causes it to scream in a very high pitched loud way... great for making people go away, though a class mate of mine dropped his GF's 12" PB that way when it started screaming and scared him...:rolleyes:
    but basically any of the locks on the market can be dealt with in a matter of seconds, some you can undo with a pen cap.

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