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Need a good Nano FM transmitter

Discussion in 'iPod' started by DavidLeblond, Jan 4, 2006.

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    I got a Nano for Christmas and with a best buy gift card, I bought an iTrip with Dock Connector (this model. Well before I had a shuffle, and I had the AirPlay and, while the reception wasn't perfect, it was nice and loud. I could jack up the volume on the shuffle and hear it nice and clear. With the iTrip, the volume on the Nano does nothing and its so quiet I have to crank my stereo. I've decided to take the iTrip back and get another transmitter.

    Now, what do people suggest I get? The one thing I really liked about the iTrip DC was that you could switch it to "international" and get to radio stations below 88.1. The AirPlay couldn't do that, so I couldn't get a really clear channel. I've seen some neat ones where you could mount your iPod, which would be great, but I want to make sure they sound good too. Cost isn't all that much a problem (although I'd like it to cost less than the iPod itself :p) And being able to adjust the volume would be great too. Any ideas?
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    I got a cheap one with my nano and it was horrid. Bought the nano just for work(Im a cable guy) and I still haven't it used it other than the first day i had it, kind of depressing. Was the itrip you had digital?
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    erm, I suppose it was... It plugged into the dock connector.

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