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Need a little help, please. [PC vs Mac]

Discussion in 'Community' started by ThatGirl, Jan 9, 2004.

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    O.k. Try not to laugh too much. I am currently involved in an argument online with a person who thinks PCs are better than Macs. Unfortunately, I am ill-equipped when it comes to very technical knowledge. I have a feeling he/she is bluffing anyway with his/her tech comments, but I don't know enough myself, to know for sure.

    I would love to have the right answers. I mean, I know that Macs are the best, as I have, and continue to, work with both, but there is a lot I don't know.

    Would anyone like to help me out with this clown?

    Let's start with this: "It" said, "What if I buy that iMac, but want a bigger screen?" referring to the iMac G4 that looks like a lamp-sort of.
    My first reaction is, don't buy that, buy a tower and then pick the screen you want, but maybe that's a dumb answer. Can a second monitor be hooked up to an iMac?

    Before I post some of his/hers dumb remarks, I thought I'd better ask if it's o.k. first. I would love to really know what to say, for once! LOL!:)
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    Nine people have looked at this, and no one wants to help put a PC user in it's place?:eek: :(

    Pretty please?;)
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    you cant hook a moniter up to an imac
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    :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :p

    Well, I've found its best to just let PC users drown in their ignorance.

    But that is coming from a PC user so... :rolleyes: :D

    (couldn't afford a Mac)

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    So, I was right that if you want that, get a tower and a monitor separately? Also, what about switching cards and stuff like that. Same thing?

    BTW-Thank you for answering.:)
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    yes... imac is not all that upgradable... tower for all that jazz
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    I keep trying to tell him just agree to disagree and leave me alone, but he/she keeps coming back with techie questions. Ishould just ignore it, I know.

    BTW-Couldn't afford it? I made a deal with the Apple rep at CompUSA, because I wanted to get an iMac for my daughter, for college. I got a Ruby iMac, which is not the latest, but fine for school and the internet, with a printer, a peripheral floppy drive, a three year warranty from
    CompUSA, and a year of Dial-A-Tech service for just under $600, a little over a year ago. I think that was pretty good.
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    not necessarily. you can quite easily hook up a monitor to the VGA port on the back of *my* iMac...

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    Doctor Q

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    There have been a number of threads about Macs vs. PCs, from all possible angles. You might do a little searching and see if you can find some of them.
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    I will. Thank you.:)
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    That's not a bad deal, but I only had about $600 to spend on a computer, and it was either a 400-550 Mhz Mac or a 2.4Ghz PC.

    I went with the PC. My dad got a 1Ghz iMac for christmas though, so I plan to use that, but it doesnt have internet yet. :eek:;)

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    not to be a total downer, but generally speaking, these are arguments that cannot be won. they'll still be on their side, you'll be on your side, and you'll have just pissed each other off a bit. i used to enjoy debating this subject, but it got old pretty quickly, as i realized that my points were lost on them (and probably vice-versa).

    on the other hand, debating this could be a good means of learning more about your own side. that's never a bad thing.

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    I agree, they cannot be won, and I usually ignore it. It hit home in real life recently, so when this came up, I was just in a mood not to ignore it!

    Anyway, I didn't mean to be a pest, and I agree, this is an opportunity for me to learn. I hadn't thought about doing a search here, so, I'm going to do just that, and educate myself a bit.

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    scem0 I'm sure that you will rectify the issuse with your Dad's iMac not being connected to the internet quickly. What happens to be the holdup to this point?

    I hope that you will be successful with your friend ThatGirl. Hopefully he will observe all the things that your Mac can do and become a switcher. You are correct, educating yourself will mean that you can have your Mac to do more of what it's capable of doing.
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    the fight can be won, just depends who you talk to. i dont really argue with people, i just explain my point of view and most people take my opinion seriously because they know my background and job, they know that I know what im talking about. i have found the easiest way to switch people is to let them play with your mac, thats usually enough. even itunes is helping people switch. i had a friend who was talking to me and was telling me how itunes was the s*** and worked perfectly. and i said i know, wouldnt it be great if your whole computer worked that well and he said yeah and he said his next computer is going to be a mac. its a fun and entertaining debate, you just have to observe the person and figure out if they are windows biased or if they are actually interested in the mac.

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    My mom's too busy(/lazy?) to pick up the phone and call the cable company :p.

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    sounds like the PC guy has no life. He seems to be getting his one pleasure in life by looking like an a**hole
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    Blah Blah Blah.

    Does it really matter. I have an PC, and I'm going to buy another PC in April after BTX is released. I will not buy a mac in the forseable future because of their over inflated prices, and lack of upgradeable options.

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