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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by KillerPanda, Dec 7, 2012.

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    Hey everyone! I'm new to this website/forum. I was wondering if any of you had any advice on buying a Black Macbook. I currently own a PC, a Asus G60 to be specific. I really like my PC and use it primarily for gaming. I've pretty much used my computer as a desktop because it's so damn heavy it would be awkward to use it like a normal laptop :(. Also one reason I'm looking at a Mac is because my PC just got a virus, It was sorta my fault that I got it, but still kinda pisses me off. but in this new computer I am looking for, i want something for mostly browsing the internet, school, music, videos, etc.. I would also like to be able to maybe play some of the 30+ games I already have on my Steam account. I now that Mac is able to run Steam now and I am very happy about that. I guess really the main question I have here is how fast will this Mac book run compared to my current computer. I know that is kinda a stupid question because the computer I currently have isn't comparable to a almost 6 year old Mac. I'm not that smart with computers, so I am hoping that someone will be able to explain in detail how the computer will run. The specs for my current computer are:

    Hard Drive
    HDD Interface

    Memory Type
    204-Pin DDR3 SO-DIMM

    CPU Type
    Intel Core i5
    CPU Speed
    CPU Support
    3MB Intel Smart Cache
    Turbo boost up to 2.53GHz

    Intel HM55

    The Macbook I am looking at:

    One final thing, I'm sorta new to the whole idea of forums too, so if this is in the wrong section or whatever please let me know so I can move it.

    Thanks alot for the help!!!- KillerPanda
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    Firstly, Blackbooks are not good for gaming. They only ever game with Intell's poor preforming GMA GPUs. That Macbook you're looking at has the better of the two, but it still is not very good for games. Secondly, your PC will outperform any Blackbook due to its i5, better GPU, and DDR3.
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    No, that macbook probably won't be the best to run your games.

    What is your budget? I suggest a macbook pro 13" early 2011 i5 processor with
    4GB ram.

    This would be a more comparable machine to your gaming rig.
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    Sorry to read about your dilemma.

    Just a quick clarification the Mac you're comparing it to on Ebay doesn't have a iCore processor, it has an older Core 2 Duo - Considerable performance difference.

    It also has the older Intel integrated graphics - You're going to find it difficult to find a Mac for that price with the performance of your current PC.

    You can try to make your ASUS a Hackintosh - but if you're not computer savvy then I would advise against that.

    I would keep your current ASUS for gaming - Get a replacement version of Windows 7 (or your OEM install disk) and wipe your existing system and reinstall Windows. Then before copying any files over, install Microsoft's Antivirus (free):

    Then spend the money on the Mac for email, browsing, etc. I would recommend getting a slightly newer model so it won't be outdated already like the one you're looking at.
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    I was HOPING not to spend more than $400-450... I should say that my main reason for this laptop WOULDN'T be for gaming because I will probably just keep my other computer, I will use this for mostly doing things online and other stuff like that.

    How much would something around the 2011 Macbook with the i5 processor cost?

    Would it be available in black? That was one of the features I really wanted, I don't think it would be a deal breaker for a decision tho.

    (Here I go again with the video game questions :p ) So even some of the older MacBooks wouldn't be able to play some "lighter" or like, more casual games?

    One last thing, even tho the computer I posted wouldn't be as fast as my current computer, will it still run pretty fast?

    Thanks alot guys for your input, I'm really starting to think about more options and possibilities. -KillerPanda
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    It'll be able to play some older games. Like ones from the early 2000's and older without a problem. I've played Railroad Tycoon 3 on mine without too much trouble. It'll be a good general purpose machine. And if you're going after a black Apple computer, the Blackbook is the one you want. The next newest is from the late 1990's.
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    That is actually EXACTLY what I was planning on doing, the only problem is, I can't find my install disk, so, I'm basically screwed... I don't know if you have any advice on what I should do? I did buy this computer at Bestbuy and bought their protection plan thingy (complete waste of $200) and they like, installed some stuff on it and they put some of their disks in the original computer box. I SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY DON'T think they even put the damn OEM Install disk in there....:mad: I'm thinking about going up there sometime and seeing if I could possible get a free copy of Windows 7 because of this mistake, I doubt that will happen tho.

    Now, back to the Mac, so you really wouldn't recommend getting any sort of Mac that old? GRR.... I wish Apple would've continued making the Macbooks in black....
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    Your computer has the Windows license stuck to the bottom of it (flip it and see) - You should call/go back there and ask them for the OEM disks again. Otherwise, you can purchase them through Newegg/Amazon:

    Maybe they'll make a black model next year with the Air but no, I don't recommend buying one that old.

    Alternatively, you can get much almost new refurbished Macbook Pro for bit more than ~2x what they are selling that on Ebay.

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    For a general computer it will work fine - I have two 2006 macbook pros and a close friend who has a blackbook. All work fine, but they are just general computers for us. Just some perspective.
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    If it's Windows 7 (or Vista, too, me thinks) you can LEGALLY download the install disc - you just have to provide the key. If it's from an OEM (Dell, HP, etc.) then you'll have to call Microsoft to activate; it's painless and Windows will walks you right through it. Here's a link to the discs:

    Note that the links themselves point to MS's "partner," Digital River.
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    Unless you're willing to accept a lot of compromises, all of the plastic MacBooks, with the notable exception of the latter models which had the GeForce 9400M and the 320M are horrible for gaming. Prior to the models I've mentioned they came with the Intel GMA 950 locked at 64 MB; latter models came with the Intel X3100 locked at 144 MB, but those aren't often seen on the used market. Regardless, those won't run anything but the most basic of games. Aspyr's re-releases of games like Tomb Raider 1/2 and Call of Duty 1/2 all want 128 MB of VRAM and a dedicated GPU.

    I don't know what games you have on Steam, but even if you got your Windows games to run either through WINE or BootCamp/VMWare, your hardware would likely not suppor them.

    If you want to save money, I'd strongly urge you to bite the bullet and look into spending ~$300 more or so on a Mac from Apple's Refurb store. Last I saw, they had a nice deal on a 2011 MacBook Air, for $719 CDN.
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    Hmm... This is really making me reconsider what I'll want if I do decide to buy a new Mac, and if I'll really want be able to game on it. I'll also have to decide if I'll want to spend $300 or so more dollars to spend on a Mac for gaming, when I do have a computer that is more than capable enough for gaming.

    Going back to the issues with my PC, I really need some encouragement for this XD I'm kinda get scared when messing around with my PC, even if it is something as simple as a clean install of Windows 7. Do any of you have extra words of advice. Also will this take care of any virus currently on my computer if done properly? What is the best way to back up my data and make sure there isn't a virus on it? Gosh I feel like such a noob :S
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    Speaking as a "Mac gamer" (in that games are one of the things I do most on my Mac), I'll say that in very blunt terms, buying a Mac for the sole purpose of gaming is a very, very bad decision. Not only is the software library of titles much lower (though it is growing), but your choices for hardware and software in general are much lower, mainly in terms of graphics drivers, and graphics cards. Unless you're willing to go with Boot Camp, the overall performance of most ported games on the Mac may be lower than their Windows equivalents, depending on your hardware.

    Now, there are plenty of reasons to get a Mac, not the least of which being the indie/shareware software ecosystem, security, and the overall user experience (especially if you feel turned off of Windows 8). But gaming is not one of them. I'd still recommend hunting around Apple's refurb section for a good deal on a nice MacBook, but if you do decide to make the jump, don't expect that your whole Steam library will magically work as well as it did on Windows (and that's assuming that all of your games even have Mac ports available through SteamPlay).

    Otherwise, I'd recommend holding on to your money and putting it towards a good laptop from Lenovo, Asus or Samsung (and not a cheap POS from Dell or HP).

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