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Need Advice on MBA purchase

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by chp5592, Sep 13, 2009.

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    What do people think about this model:

    Apple 13.3" MacBook Air 1.86GHz, 2GB RAM, 128GB Solid State Drive, NVIDIA GeForce 9400M - Aluminum unibody (MB940LL/A). Selling for $1299 (post rebate). Can get for $1260 after Bing Cash Back.

    Seems to be the REV B MBA. I would think this is preety good compared to Rev C version.

    BTW, what is the main difference between the Rev B and Rev C MBA? The only thing I see is that the 1.86GHz model went from the top of the line to bottom of the line in the Rev C models.

    Any opinions?

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    That's a great model. I would definitely get it over the HD Rev C. And from what I've learned, Rev B and Rev C are both considered to be rev B's by Apple because structurally, there's no difference. It's just a power boost.
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    Scottsdale will be along soon to guide you Padawan!
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    can I ask where you see this at?
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    MacMall, that repository of all things Apple, has had this model for $1299 after rebate for some days now.
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    That MBA is $1,349.00 at the Apple Refurb Store. Can you get a warranty program like AppleCare? Without the warranty I would go Refurb.

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