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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Alchemista, Nov 27, 2010.

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    Hello Everyone,

    I'm moving overseas and don't want to ship my music cd library. I have approx 300 music cds, and I'm thinking of buying a used apple laptop and download my cd library on to it. It'll be easier to take along the laptop with me than to ship 300 cds.

    I'm hoping to get a smaller 12-13" laptop. I found those two options locally. I'd rather go for the Powerbook as it's least expensive, and I just need this laptop to transport my music library.

    I found a Powerbook G4 that's in good condition selling for $330cdn with the following specs:
    Hard Drive : 80 GB
    RAM : 1.25 GB (Maximized)
    Processor Speed : 1.5 Ghz. PowerPC G4
    Operation System : OS-X (10.5.8 / Leopard), no discs are included
    DVD-RW / CD-RW (Super Drive)
    Wireless (Airport Extreme Card is installed)
    Power adapter (Apple Original)
    Comes with Brand New Battery

    I'm wondering if this would be a good option for me? Is the Powerbook G4 powerful enough to store 300 music cds?

    Or should I go for this Apple MacBook Pro:
    Only half year old and used only for web surfing, still has Applecare warranty; 2.4GHz Intel i5 processor,
    4GB RAM fast DDR3 memory,
    320GB HD 5400rpm Serial ATA,
    NVIDIA GeForce 330M Graphics Card w/ 256MB, 1440x900 Max Resolution WXGA + TFT Matrix, built in iSight,
    WLan (802.11 a/b/g/n) Bluetooth, 2 USB ports,

    What do you think?
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    It's not so much an issue of power for storing the music, although it is pretty outdated at this point. You might have to replace the hard drive in the powerbook to store that much music, which could be a bit of a pain.
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    Thanks alust2013. Sounds like I'd be better off then with the Macbook Pro?? Forgot to mention that the pro is going for $550cdn.
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    Wow! If that is legitimate and in good condition, that is an incredible deal. That new of a computer will sell for probably $1200+ at that age normally, so I would check it out, but if it's a legit deal, that is a far superior product for a very good price.
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    You're so right!! After further research I see that the price is awesome, if like you say this is all legit. I've emailed the person and waiting to hear back :confused: thanks for your help!
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    This will more than likely be your response ;)
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    tom vilsack


    -powerbook hd probably not big enough
    -macbook pro...for that price=scam

    maybe you should think about buying usb external drive 1tb can be had for about $100...load your music with whatever system you have now...then when you get to new country,buy a mac and use the external drive
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    You can buy a USB2.0 2TB WD hard drive for $90 on Amazon.
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    tom vilsack


    im in canada...they rip us off for everything ;-)

    yes guess amazon way to go
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    Orange: actually I didn't even get a response... but suppose it was too good to be true anyways.
    Tom: thanks for the external drive suggestion, I had completely forgotten this option.

    thanks everyone!

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