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Need help on chossing a iBook or Powerbook

Discussion in 'Hardware Rumors' started by jpp1cd, Oct 24, 2001.

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    I was wondering about what I should get. Because of the new models, I can get a Powerbook G4 400 for 1649 or an iBook combo drive 500 for 1449 or a iBook dvd for 1229. Now I don't really need the powerbook but I can't decide if I should wait for the new iBook combo or get the old powerbook or what? If someone could help me I would appreciate it. You can email me at jpp1cd@mizzou.edu with any advice.

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    The Powerbook Pismo you are talking about is a bit expensive. Would be a good deal if you got it with 500 Mhz instead. How much ram does it have? No les than 256Mb I hope.

    The Pismo 500 can be found for $1500 and is way too superior than the iBook.
    1. Is processor upgradable.
    2. Up to 1GB of ram with the new kit.
    3. Up to 2 bateries at sme time.
    3. Swapable slots for CD burners etc.
    4. 1 MB chache (the iBook have 256k and there is a difference).
    5. Bigger LCD.

    Your desition depends of what are you gonna do with it and the ammount of memory the Pismo has. I'm telling you all this because I have one and I live it. I bought it just after the iBooks came out and I had the oportunity to get the iBook and the sales guy told me the Pismo is superior and cheaper. And I'm happy with it. But the iBook is a good unit, specially with a combo drive.

    I would take the iBook may be, it is a good deal for the price.
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    I don't understand. The Powerbook G4 400 TI is the Pismo. I just don't know if the old iBook has enough storage capabilities for me. Do you think the 100 mhz bus is worth the difference of 300 for the Combo Drive iBook or would I be satisfied with the 500 66mhz combo?

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    I might not be too helpful but...

    I just got an ibook 600 dvd. I deliberated long and hard and basically came to this conclusion: For what I use my computer for, light dv work, mp3's, internet and word processing I don't need to spend an extra 700-1500 dollars on the top of the line. Then I thought some more and came to this conclusion: I truly believe that in about one year, maybe two or three, computers are going to be so much faster that even the slowest models will be fast enough to handle any large and sophisticated programs that I could ever hope to use as a "non professional". Sure there will always be larger and more sophisticated applications demanding ever greater power, but the baseline for computer performance is rapidly approaching a point where anything extra will truly be "for professionals only". Stuff that I wouldn't use under any circumstances. I feel that up to this point, this hasn't been the case. Even today I feel that a computer such as the new tibook 667 is still within the practical range for the average joe who simply enjoys hacking around with digital video and music, etc. The real reason I can't bring myself to purchase the current top of the line 667 is my belief that in a very short ammount of time it will entirely outclassed by something so far superior that right now it's not worth spending the extra money on something I will absolutely want to replace in such a short ammount of time. I know... people will say: "but if you always wait for something better to come you will end up waiting forever since the technology is always improving". My reply to this is simply to reiterate what I said above: (sorry this part is redundant) In one or two years even the baseline computers will be fast enough for any application I could ever possibly want. So, in one year when these "new" computers come out, I will be more inclined to go out and buy the top end but for this inbetween period I don't feel like I need to waste my money on something I will be getting rid of soon so I will stick with the cheaper ibook as an intermediary solution. It's still a solid machine and it will serve to tide me over.
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    These guys are not answering the question you asked...at all. I'll try to do better.

    Do yourself a favor. Go look at the iBook and the TiBook side by side. If you have done that, and you are still asking the question, that implies that you don't care about the larger screen on the TiBook that much. In which case, the iBook is a better buy for you. Hands-down.
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    i hate to admit it, but i agree with john
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    Do not get the TiBook, is way too expensive, the iBook with combo is more versatil (because of the burning thing). I said a few forums back, this is the first time when computers are running faster than softwares.

    Thake the iBook, if you are not clear yet do not spend lots of money in something that you are not sure about. The iBook is a good machine (and I'm very pesimistic about hardware).
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    ok, so my bit was a little long winded. Still, I think I made it clear that my recommendation was the ibook.

    John... I Like you advice. It's snappy and simple and pretty much correct.
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    john 123 said go look at them side by side

    this is the best decision maker instead of a list of "stats"

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