Need help on deciding on a TV for our workout room. Keep old 'good' LCD or replace

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by biosci, Dec 21, 2012.

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    I was hoping I could get some insight from you guys. We want to get and wall mount a TV in our workout room. We have an older 40" Sony KDL-40XBR2 which was the top of the line set in 2007 or 8. It's a bit thicker than most tvs now and runs a bit warmer which I don't like since I don't want the room to be any warmer! But we can use that set or get a cheap set like a Vizio 39" for under $400. All we need is an HDMI in for an AppleTV. Would you guys keep the XBR set or just swap it out with the newer but cheaper Vizio?

    The XBR2 Model we have..

    The Vizio we were looking at..
    39" E390-A1

    I just didn't know if Cheaper tech from today is better than best tech 'back then'.

    The Sony set weighs around 60+ lbs and the vizio only weighs about 20lbs!
    I'm sure other specs may be better as well on the Vizio...
    Should I give the Sony away?
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    Honestly it is your choice, but XBR2's are very nice sets. They will honestly probably have a better picture than a cheap model Vizio. It is essentially like trading in your 10 year old Lamborghini for a brand new Honda. Sure the Honda will work great, but the Lambo will always be nicer, faster, and prettier.

    LCD technology has not changed much, but there is a major difference in panel qualities between brands and sets. This is why there are still massive price ranges in TVs. A $400 Vizio is going to look terrible compared to a $2000 Samsung or the like. This is why your XBR will look better overall than the Vizio.

    The one things is, however, that your old XBR has CCFL lighting instead of LED lighting, which is why you have the added weight. The extra downside to CCFL lighting is that is uses a lot more power than LEDs. The difference in energy cost is about $80 a year assuming you use it for 2 hours per day average.

    At the very least I would say throw the XBR2 on Craigslist or something, you could probably get a few hundred bucks for it.
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    I would keep it. I doubt that the XBR generates enough heat to make a noticeable difference, probably no more so than the amp in my workout room's stereo. One way to tell is to put a thermometer in the room and work out a few times with the TV on and then a few with it off.
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    Thanks guys for the input. I haven't had a lot of hits on craigslist (which is actually something I did before posting this!) and we do live in a townhome so space is limited. If anything, I'd give it to my father in law. But yeah, it's about an hour to two per day of use probably. I saw the energy rating on the Vizio and it was something like $16 a year.

    If anything, maybe heat makes you burn more calories!?! Or perhaps keep the XBR2 until a REALLY good LED ever comes out. Maybe when OLED gains popularity and falls to the $800 or so range for smaller units. So maybe squeeze another few years to the XBR2? Again, the Vizio is just under $400. Still undecided ultimately though...
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    Again, personally I would say keep it. XBR2s are great sets. The Vizio will be crap in comparison. Also, FYI the $16 a ear is estimated usage of 8 hours per WEEK which is kind of a joke for most people. Hell thats not even enough time to watch the morning and nightly news.

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