Need help to what to buy:)

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by chriso89, Jun 26, 2011.

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    hello good firends on the internet!:)

    I get my ipad next week :D i am gonna buy the smartcover but should i but apple wirless keyboard or the ipad keyboard dock?

    pleas help me and sorry for bad english
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    tips on some back protections? want my pad to loock good and be thin
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    Hi man i got a leather smart cover and as far as for back protection i got a carbon skin from icarbons!
    it looks good and it dont make my ipad fat :)
    u can look a smal video of my ipad here
    But if you take your ipad out of the house alot the its better u buy also a folio case for more and stable protection !;)
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    thanks, i have an folio case fra dealextreme but i am mostly gonna use it at home :)

    does the back side of the ipad get scratches easly? must i have somthing on the back?
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    Yes and yes.
  6. chriso89, Jun 26, 2011
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    i think i buy the carbon skin from icarbons :) whitch color is best for the black ipad? shuld i get the front cover too?

    dark wook or black carbon? what to buy?
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    I wouldn't make such a rush decision as there are many different options and browsing various threads here will allow you to make a more informed decision. There are various companies that make back covers like Belkin, Incipio, Switcheasy, etc. Those are the more popular ones but there are many others.
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    i dont want a case:) just want to protect the back side from scratches:) i did take the wood color:)

    i ave an case from dealextreme:) but i only s gonna use it when i am travlin
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    The ones I mentioned are just covers for the back and are really thin. I have one by Incipio but the CoverBuddy by Switcheasy is probably one of the better ones. I use it together with the Apple smart cover.
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    do you have a link?
    found the last one. its noe so cool as the the icarbons skins:)
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    How did you suddenly switch the whole thread question about which keyboard to get, to skins? :confused:
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    I am getting the wireless keyboard:)
    This is how btw:


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