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Need Help Water Damage

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by saxdudedan, Dec 17, 2012.

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    Hi. I am currently trying to fix a severely water damaged iPod touch for my sister. She somehow got it in the washing machine for a full cycle. I am very aware that chances very slim that it will work again. It is currently sitting in a bowl of rice. It has not been powered on since the accident. If I take it apart to air dry, are there any things that I should look for? Does anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks.
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    Apple will do an OoW replacement for about $99
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    I wouldn't take it apart. The damage will be from water so it will be, for the most part, invisible.
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    They're a pain to take apart, so I think your best bet is the out-of-warranty replacement. If you haven't done it before, taking it apart will probably just get it all scratched up.

    If you do take it apart, you're not looking for much right now, just drying everything out. What will happen eventually is that the water on the metal parts will start to cause rust/corrosion and all the tiny metal parts will fail. The water will also leave a residue after it evaporates that you will want to clean off with alcohol to prevent corrosion.
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    these people fixed mine!

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    The best thing would to just replace it sadly as you cannot really take it apart without breaking it. While it is possible it is quite hard.
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    You can't tear it apart properly if you don't have the screws to use since these gadgets use a specific kind of screws, if I were you I would just take it to the apple center as soon as possible before the damage gets worse.

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