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Need Honest Opinions

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Squilly, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Squilly, Jan 9, 2013
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    I'm trying to get into graphics design (not professionally, just as a hobby). That being said, I'm in the midst of making my brother a banner for his business: eCommerce-based. I whipped up a few renders and need some honest opinions, without the trolls on other forums. What do you guys think?



    If it helps, here's what the old one looked like, also still in use:
  2. Ddyracer, Jan 9, 2013
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    I don't do graphic design but in my taste it looks too messy. Clean up some of the icons, get rid of the rainbow for something more informal and neat. And write AC Electronic Outlet once, not thrice looks amateur.

    EDIT: Sorry i see you wrote it only once i'm really sorry. it looked like was three times but i guess the pic is actually three shots.
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    Don't use Apple's logo without permission!

    Overall I agree with Ddyracer. Too busy. Not easy enough to read/memorable enough.

    The original definitely had that going for it. It was easy to read good contrast and was cute with the AC plug forming the A. The C and rest of it seemed tacked on though.

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    Do you think getting rid of the spectrum would help? Or different font?
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    You might try a different font and color for the text so that it sticks out a bit more. Of the three variations I think the middle one without the shadows is probably best.

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    Not a fan, I can't read anything!
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    It says AC Electronic Outlet...not that hard to read...

    Anywho loose Brush Script. It's the typical 'go-to' font for script fonts. Kinda like Comic Sans.

    But as a whole it look amateurish. Using stock photos (iPad), logo, and the power symbol. Generic comes to mind. What's the point of the rainbow? Loose the drop shadow, it makes it hard to read.

    Maybe have a photo or two of someone actually using the products. Everything just looks pasted on and not too inviting IMO. Plus the black iPad blends with the black background.

    As for the current design. The "AC" design done doesn't work well because they are different colors. I think it would be better if the plug were 2D and blue, and the "C" was blue and was up next to it.

    Anywho, that's a quick critique. Good luck! :)
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    Thank you. I'll work on it. The spectrum was just there to "catch" the text. Not working? On the first, the iPad was supposed to be white but the magic eraser made it black for some reason.
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    No offense, but I'd stick with the old one hands down.

    The new one looks very amateur to me. Compared to the old one, it has no purpose and (maybe with the exception of the weird out of place rainbow swirl at the bottom) it doesn't look like anything was 'rendered.' It looks like it is cobbled together of pictures taken off the internet.

    FWIW you also have no right (and can be sued) for using the Apple symbol (and what I assume is a press shot of the iPad).

    Graphic design is tough, the people who do it for a living have developed many skill sets over a long time, but the only difference between them and you is experience. Keep trying, and you will get better.
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    Wow... I thought the first poster that said that was kidding. Guess not. I should remove that first one then....
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    You can always PLAY with their logo, but using it commercially is a no-no, unless they are an Apple Authorized Reseller or Service Provider with permission to use it (and then it has to be used in an authorized manner).

    Don't give up!
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    Keep the current one being used and update the technology "look". Newer type of outlet and plug , font etc. White is always a good background for websites.
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    Cursive font?
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    Get rid of the rainbow gradient, the stroke, the text shadow, and the font.

    Try to revamp the old one, changing the text, and maybe play with the plug/A element.
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    Try and think about something original. A good test is always to ask yourself - "Could this be used by a different company just by swopping the name". I actually think the original has more going for it in those terms. Use of the power button has become like a bee or a dictionary definition - it's everywhere these days.

    Look at other logos - they all try to communicate ideas by hidden little reveals. Reverse engineer them and you'll see how they got the idea. For example FedEx - the hidden arrow showing movement, Amazon - the arrow going from A to Z demonstrating we sell everything but also doubling as a smile from a happy customer etc etc

    Then look at your situation by going back to first principles. To do this you could try looking at shipping mail-order graphics, electronic devices design, etc etc examining shapes, colours, graphic styles and what other designers have done. Then, armed with the visual language of all those gadgets and ideas about the company itself then (and this is the tricky bit) try and combine two ideas per logo idea on a sketch pad with just a pencil. Original ideas should start coming!
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    The downside of the original of course is that it makes you look more like an electrical supply house than anything else.

    These guys: http://www.gordonelectricsupply.com could use a logo like the original.

    I suspect that's not the business model.

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    I see where you're coming from.

    OP : does that company sell electric outlets etc ?.

    Another idea is to remove the plug and just use the letters A C.

    No funky clipart type design. More modern. Just the letters.
  18. fig
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    Pretty much never for a business purpose. And really never for any purpose, but especially not for a business.

    Any typeface is going to communicate something, you just want to make sure it's the appropriate message for your audience. A script/cursive font conveys something older, outdated, and casual, none of which are appropriate for a technology business.

    You probably want to look at sans serif typefaces (Times is a serif font with the little "feet" on the letters, Arial is a sans serif without them) as they tend to feel more modern. Helvetica or Helvetica Neue, which are standard on most systems, are a bit boring but a good place to start (you can try the condensed versions to make it a bit more interesting).

    Hope that helps.
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    No, it's eCommerce for technology such as Apple products. That's why those two Apple pictures were in the first image.


    It does, thanks.
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    Get rid of the electrical clipart. It conveys something the company doesn't do.
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    And add what in place of it? I don't want it to be just "text". When my brother first got it made, he wanted it to convey "power", as if the company had "power" in the retail business.
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    And now he wants it changed right ? Then change it to something people looking for tech can relate to.

    K.I.S.S. Remember that basic premise.
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    Which is why the logo and iPad was there. And K.I.S.S. is?
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    Keep It Simple Stupid..

    It's an old adage.

    Is the business retail ? Repair ?
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    It's retail based.

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