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Need keyboard part...thin membrane keys depress against...

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by coolbreeze, Mar 19, 2003.

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    Well, when you spill water on your Pro Keyboard, it won't work again. I've taken it apart, cleaned it, let it dry, the pencil trick, etc, all to no avail. About 95% of the keys work, but it is useless if 100% aren't operational.

    Now, after digging around inside this keyboard I know the paper-thin keypad membrane inside of it is the cause of the problem. Is there anywhere in the world I can find just a replacement membrane? I think the manufacturer is Mitsumi Electronics.

    I can hear everyone saying "uh, just buy a new keyboard." Well, why would I do that if I can fix it (I'm a fix it kind of guy) for a few bucks. That part can't be expensive.

    Any ideas?
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    Re: Need keyboard part...thin membrane keys depress against...

    uh, just buy a new keyboard.
    :D i'm kidding :)
    might be able to find it but how are you having problems? i spilled water into one pro keyboard and it still worked after that
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    do u mean the middle layer between the two actual membranes? it's just a separator that keeps the two actual membranes from touching when the keys are not pressed. the "spacer" as it's usually referred to...i highly doubt you will actually be able to find one of these as they are specific per keyboard manufacturer :rolleyes:

    so as you don't want me to say,
    :D :D ha ha:D :D
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    Re: Re: Need keyboard part...thin membrane keys depress against...

    Ok, ok, it was actually beer. But a tiny bit at that. I took the keyboard apart, and cleaned all three "sheets" of the membrane. After drying, etc, it still doesn't work. If I could just find a complete "membrane" (heck, I guess that's what it's called) I would be in business. I guess it shorted out somehow when it met Mr. Bud Light.

    Can you help me find one of those?

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