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Need LCD panel for my 15.2" Alu PowerBook

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by MacCoaster, Aug 9, 2005.

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    Anyone know where to get one. I don't want the entire display assembly. I can take apart my display assembly and put in the new LCD panel. My current one has been cracked since October 2004 and Apple wanted $1300 to fix it.

    HD is broken too, doubt Apple would fix it as well. I might just as well get a laptop drive to replace it.

    Or should I just ebay the damn thing as is?

    Edit: should this be in the marketplace, I dunno. :\
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    Apple price seems reasonable compared to the open market: price at pbparts.

    Edit: My mistake. I was looking at the price for the whole assembly. The LCD panel on it's own is under $400.
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    a friend picked one up one for his Tibook on ebay for $99, 2 dead pixels, otherwise worked fine.
    Pretty sure there's a few for the Albooks.
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    My friend just broke his powerbook screen. Fortunately though, he knows this computer guy that got one from hong kong really cheap and installed it for about $400. Unless you have hookups like that, I would just sell it.
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    Yeah, I've seen some for the TiBooks. I just wonder if the TiBook panel would work in the AlBook frame.

    Thanks all, though. I'm going to keep on looking.
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    P.S. Can anyone think of how much I can get for the PowerBook as is? Maybe I could get some cash towards an iBook G4 12".

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