Need new phone and no marketplace for me

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by doubledown7d, Apr 25, 2012.

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    I'm assuming the 250 posts is a hard and fast rule? I need a phone like yesterday and would trust a place like this more than CL. I don't even have 250 posts in my motorcycle forum I have been on and contributed to for years. It would become my full time job finding posts on here that I can contribute something to as an apple newbie of sorts. :(
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    And there will be no exceptions just because you need one right now. As you still need over 200 posts, you got some posting to do.

    And please don't go on a spamming spree, someone tried that two years ago and got 180 posts in one hour, but was ultimately banned.

    PS: Some spammers even register an account and come back a year later to spam, but get deleted in a timely fashion anyway, thus there is that rule (amongst other burns).
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    eBay is your friend here.

    Who knows you might even get a better deal on eBay. Folks on this forum are probably more likely to know the real value they can get for their apple gear.
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    No need to be rude and hostile sim, just asking a question. I prefer an organized informative forum rather than one junked up too.

    Thanks for the reply jj :)
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    My post came across as rude to you? It was not intended that way, just informing you.
    I could have of course linked you to all the other threads discussing the same subject (lower post count or lower minimum membership duration to access the Marketplace), but then again, it comes off as rude.

    No pleasing I suppose.
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    And IMO, this one was even ruder. You're not a moderator, stop acting like one.
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    LOL kinda come across as a Shelden Cooper don't ya. It is OK. No offense taken. I have been around for a while and have found several really nice informative people and posts around here. Unfortunately, that is one of the reasons my post count is not higher, most of my questions have already been answered thouroghly and I tend to use the search function.

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