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Need recommendation for AirPlay receiver

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by badlydrawnboy, Jun 5, 2013.

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    I'm looking to upgrade my current receiver, which is a Yamaha RX-V371. It's connected to an ATV, Comcast box and LG flat screen TV. I'd like to be able to stream music to it from my Macs and iPad. I'm looking at the Harmon Kardon AVR 1700. Would this be a good choice?
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    Why do you want an AirPlay compatible device if you already have the ATV? :confused:
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    Agreed. I have an Airplay receiver and an Apple TV. The Apple TV is a much better experience for streaming music.
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    I prefer going straight to the airplay capable receiver and I also have both. The main reason is that choosing the receiver from the Airplay choices will turn on the receiver and control the receiver's volume with the app. With the AppleTV, I have to turn on the receiver manually.

    Also, the last time I checked the AppleTV (at least 2 and 3) converted all outgoing signals to 48Khz. Redbook CD is 16/44.1, so most of the time, you will not be getting bitperfect audio going to the receiver.

    I have a Denon 4311CI and I am happy with it.
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    A couple of reasons:
    —My wife wants to be able to stream Spotify from our iPad.
    —We want to be able to play/browse through music without the TV on.

    If there's a way to accomplish both of the above without buying something new, I'm all for it.
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    I have my AppleTV hooked up to the Surround Sound receiver HDMI in and just turn the surround sound receiver on and stream from our iPhones/iPad with the TV off. Works wonderfully. I even have a macro programmed to a button on our Harmony remote for "Stream Music" and it turns the receiver on to the correct input and wakes the AppleTV up. :cool:
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    How do you stream audio from the ATV from an iPhone or iPad with the TV off? I'm pretty new to this stuff; do you turn on Airplay on the iPhone/iPad and select the ATV?

    My receiver is pretty low end. I'm not sure it has the bells and whistles yours does for programming a button like you mention.
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    Plug the ATV directly into your receiver (hdmi). While the TV is off, turn the receiver on and change it to the input your ATV is setup to (ie HDMI 1). Now with your iPhone or iPad stream the music via AirPlay. :D
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    Thank you! I just turned on AirPlay on my ATV and iPad, and it works like a charm.
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    My pleasure bud! Just give me 25% of the money I saved you... I estimate it to be about $125 fee. Haha jk
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    Check is in the mail! :)
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    If you just want stereo you could check out the Marantz CR603. Also includes tuner, internet radio and CD player.

    I prefer stereo to surround sound and it has A and B speakers so you can play the music in 2 zones (I have a pair of outdoor speakers in BBQ area).

    It has Airplay builtin and has an optical input so you can use an AppleTV through it as well. Like others here, I often use Airplay direct to the Marantz - no need to have the TV on.
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    Marantz or Denon

    Marantz is a good choice...same company makes both products in the same
    factory! Other than cosmetics...they are the same product...tel support is excellent and I love my Denon.
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    I should have mentioned that the AppeTV will work with Airplay audio, I just prefer the way it is handled with the receiver. However, I would not upgrade my receiver for this one feature. Actually, when I bought my receiver, Airplay was not even available for it. It was added via an internet firmware update (for a fee) later on.

    The Airplay with video and photos on the Appletv is awesome.
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    Thanks everyone. I've got it working to my satisfaction (mostly) now. The only issue is that the volume seems pretty low, even when I have the iPad volume cranked up to maximum. When I watch TV, the receiver volume never drops below 30—which is pretty loud. But with the AirPlay streaming from the iPad, I have to get it down to 20 or even 15. Any thoughts about that?

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