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Need recommendation for ipad 2 leather portfolio type case

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by jennyfer, Jun 7, 2011.

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    Okay - my family chipped in and bought my dad the ipad 2. I'm trying to find a slim leather portfolio type case for the ipad 2 - with the smart on/off feature incorporated. Anyone have a case they are using that they could recommend?

    FYI - I have the ipad 2 myself and I'm using the SwitchEasy Canvas. I don't think he'd like the material on this.

    So basically I want:
    1. Leather
    2. Portfolio style
    3. Smart on/off included

    Need it by father's day.....

    Any suggestions?
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    You can try Ifrogz case, att stores carry it for $60 and i think it is very much closed to your needs above.
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    The iFrogz Summit is a solid choice. Quality and seems to work perfectly (smart function). Decent amount of protection without being ginormous.
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    there is only one folio that counts and that's the Mophi workbook. Solid case.

    Ifrogz, I just sold on ebay, for 20 bucks!

    I thought I like it but the quality did not stand up to the mophie which is slim and trim, compact and protects the beast like no other.

    Trust me you will love it.
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    Try the Toblino 2. Good Form factor, leather, and only 39.90. Avai from Amazon.
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    I like the Marware CEO. Stays closed and offers several good stand angles.
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    What about a Piel Frama from cases.com? I'm on my second one and they've been excellent.

    Piel Frama
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    Now that is one gorgeous case! I just wish they had pictures of more views, like the back of the case, and how the cover tucks into the folded position.
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    I ordered one last Friday, will post some pics when I get it. I also wonder what the back looks like..
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    Are you talking about the Rivet case??? I sure hope so; I cannot wait to see more extensive pictures of it because I am really thinking or ordering it.:) On their website it gives no clue as to how the front cover is folder into the typing/viewing position, but the quality overall really looks fantastic. I see they are situated in Florida, so if you live in the USA, you should receive it in no time!

    Please post a review when you receive it!
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    Check Brookstone.com

    They have a leather folio case. I saw it in the store.
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    I just switched from the Yoobao case to the Maroo Kumara II leather case. Yes, it is not slim like the Yoobao (AYL), but the quality leather, protection, and seemingly flawless implementation of the auto on/off is worth the extra thickness. I bought it thinking that I would not be able to live with the extra thickness and would check it out and return it, but I like it so much that I don't even think about it being thicker after using it for a week.

    Check it out at: http://www.maroo.com/product_detail.cfm?p=10

    New Cyber Acoustics' (same as Maroo) iPad 2 Cover
    Check out the video:
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    Checkout: maccase.com
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    I would second this, the Maroo is a great case.
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    Are you looking for one that is roughly the size of the iPad or a larger one that's more of a traditional legal pad size that has a space/pocket the iPad fits in to but can also hold papers as well?
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    Take a look at www.mapicases.com . Byze or Nyssa leather iPad cases may be the ones you are looking for. Perfect options as a gift to a father. :)

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