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iPad Need some case recommendations

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by webslinger85, Dec 30, 2012.

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    I know there's plenty of threads dealing with cases already, but none of them really help me personally.

    What i'm looking for is a nice slim thin case, preferably without the smart cover cutout, and not folio style. I like the idea of a Smart Cover or folio, but for me personally they're useless, as my iPad will rarely leave my house, and i have no use for built in stands.

    Something similar to the incipio feather would be perfect, but any slim cases i've seen are all smart cover compatible.
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    I suppose I should've been more specific and said for iPad 3, not mini
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    Oops! I've been in iPad Mini case searching mode for 2 weeks - I had tunnel vision..

    How about this one: Incipio Semi-Rigid Shell

    And you're right. most of these cases are smart cover compatible!
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    SwitchEasy makes a back cover without the cutout. Incipio also has one without the cutout called the NGP.

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