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Need to convert .m4a to .mp3

Discussion in 'iPod' started by fstfrwrd, Jun 18, 2008.

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    I have about 5000 songs in iTunes.
    Some of them in .m4a, some of them in .mp3

    I want to convert all my .m4a songs to .mp3 because the media system in my car only supports .mp3
    (i'm putting them on a 32GB usb pen drive)

    what's the quickest/easiest way to do this?

    (i could just convert all my songs, but this would take ages and isn't necessary ... unless i have no other option of course)

    btw, i'm on a mac, if that matters
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    Assuming you understand the loss in quality that will occur...

    1) Make a new Smart Playlist. Kind: MP3
    2) Select them all
    3) Convert!
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    do that, but before, go to preferences, and change the encoding to mp3, whatever bit rate.
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    sorry, but i can't get the smart playlists tto work properly

    whenever i make a smart playlist with 'kind contains m4a' the list turns up empty.
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    you can just select all your songs, and convert, it will just change the m4as to mp3s and upconvert/downconvert the mp3s so you will have all mp3s at one bit rate. make shure you have your settings right.
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    I'm away from my Mac so I can't help you exactly... Do some Googling. I'm sure there is a way to make a Smart Playlist of all your MP3s.

    And are you sure your stereo doesn't have AAC support? Some do, but don't advertise it. Easier to buy a chip and ignore it's functionality than to explain what AAC is to granny.
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    no, the system in the car runs on windows mobile.
    it does not support .m4a tracks. i tried just a few minutes ago.
    it just ignores the .m4a tracks and only plays the .mp3 ones.

    i'll try googling what you said.cheers
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    Under kind you want to have "AAC Audio" not "m4a". That should do the trick.
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    cherry su

    delete the converted songs after; otherwise you will have a lot of duplicate songs in your library :D

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