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nes system stuff

Discussion in 'Games' started by bunton, Jul 26, 2002.

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    I want to play NES games on my mac OSX

    Anyone know where to download the best NES for OSX and where to get some games???
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    Funny you should mention that...I'm actually working on one. I'm having unexpected crashes when you switch apps, and I'm going to need help with that, but otherwise it runs great. If you want I can let you be one of my beta testers ;). Check it out at my homepage... http://www.silenthunder.com

    And yes...Game on!
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    There's a emulator called Graybox Z... I haven't gotten it to work properly though. You might be able to find more info at emulation.net
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    I've always used iNES (avaliable at emulation.net) and while it isn't native in OS X yet, it still runs very well and I've had no compatability issues...

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    Any reccomendations on a good SNES emulator for OSX? I don't have any idea where in storage my SNES is and I have some games I really want to play again (Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana..some of the best rpgs in my opinion).
  7. Wes
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    Oh the irony, power thirsty mac users craving power only to waste it on games so weak I could play them on my calculator.
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    The games may not take much performance to run, but the games for the NES and SNES were some of the best games ever made in my opinion.<rant> More and more of the games coming out nowadays are just bloody gorefests and filled with filthy language in order to cover their total lack of plot, gameplay, and interesting characters. There is nothing about 3d games that is intrinsically better than 2d games. What the gaming industry needs to learn is that the best graphics should take a backseat to innovative gameplay and story. I'm sick and tired of buying what looks to be a great new PS2 game for $40 only to realize that the developers totally botched the gameplay with their "innovative" new features.</rant>
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    The best SNES emulator for OS X also happens to be the best SNES emulator I've ever seen...it's called SNES9X and it can be found at emulation.net. I've never run into any compatablility problems, it supports freeze states, you can take screenshots, it works with various controllers, and best of all, it's freeware (so you don't need to pay $15 for 2-player support like you have to with iNES). Overall, SNES9X is a must download for anyone who wants an SNES emulator...and (sorry about the cheap plug) if you want some roms (and you own the original cart...) check out my Carracho server, titled ArtMan's Spiffy Server (I can't really say the IP...it keeps moving).

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