Netflix Launches Family Plan, 4 Simultaneous Streams for $12/Month

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Apr 22, 2013.

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    Netflix announced today that it is rolling out a number of family friendly features in the coming months, designed to make it easier for families with multiple Netflix users to use the service.

    First, the company is introducing a new $12/month streaming plan that offers four simultaneous streams of video, meant for members with large families that run into Netflix's two-simultaneous stream limit. The normal Netflix subscription is $8/month.

    Second, the company is introducing a new feature to allow different family members to log their own viewing habits and get recommendations based on what shows they like. Currently, all viewer activity -- parents and kids -- are combined into one stream. As a result, recommendations for kids shows and adult movies are shown next to each other.

    Netflix reported today that it has 29.2 million U.S. streaming subscribers, with shares up close to 25 precent after hours.

    Article Link: Netflix Launches Family Plan, 4 Simultaneous Streams for $12/Month
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    That's a pretty good deal. I have an Apple TV on two TVs, smart tv on a third and an Apple TV on the projector in the garage, so I might actually consider upgrading. Better than having to buy an additional sub, which I had considered in the past because once in a while we'll run up against the limit.
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    Don't see why I would use this, but good for others who would use it and need it i guess
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    Meh, still comes down to content, and Netflix didn't do it for me.
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    Easier for people that split memberships with friends.
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    Um, or I can use my friends login that he shares with multiple people and doing for the past year and a half for free?

    Edit: Never ran into the " two-simultaneous " limit. Maybe i'm just lucky.
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    This is a really nice feature, not just the streams, but the different logging of viewing habits.

    Really nice for people who don't want their kids seeing films show up "because you liked 'Saw'' or something on their feeds haha.
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    didnt even know they blocked it, been using a friends for years and he never complained that he couldnt watch sth
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    Netflix is a horrible business model and a dying product.
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    I am not aware of any two stream limit haha.

    I know people who have theirs connected to at least 4-5 different devices that use them all the time. I myself have used mine with more than 2, is this something new perhaps?
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    Worst quote of the century, perhaps?
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    They add a higher priced family plan but have still yet to add organization of any kind to the queue?

    I'd love to split my families ratings and queues up but ... Eh.
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    And I'm the president and am going to give everyone a rocket filled with chocolate. And a puppy.

    Seriously though, why do you say that?
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    I didn't have a problem with the two concurrent stream limit until this past month (or two?). I plan on upgrading my account.
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    how do i share my accounts right now then? i think like 3 of friends already use my account and we watch simultaniously
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    People are seriously too cheap for eight bucks a month? Wow.
  17. nutmac, Apr 22, 2013
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    One of the reasons is an artifact of all-you-can-eat buffet pricing model. Such model, even if it's fairly priced, can discourage light users altogether. Light users don't want to feel like they are subsidizing heavy users.

    Second legitimate reason (other than being cheap)? Some (including myself) are underwhelmed by current Netflix streaming library.
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    You could sign up with a dns proxy service and gain access to more than one country's Netflix selection.

    Right now, when you travel, you can access the local netflix service using your own account. I have a Canadian account I can I can access the US version when I am in the US or the UK version if I am in the UK but I can also use a DNS service to "switch" my region for netflix to access the American and UK versions with a few clicks of the mouse.

    I pay about 5 bucks a month for that extra service. Considering that I am paying about 7 bucks a month for just one specialty channel on my "cable" TV service, netflix is pretty cheap.
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    Westside guy

    So basically they're bringing the relevant parts of their old Profiles/Queues feature over to the streaming side. That's a good thing.
  20. zin
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    I think there is a world market for maybe five computers... :rolleyes:
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    Are you sure your account won't get flagged if they notice your location going from Canada to the US to Europe to the US to Canada in a very short time span, and often?

    I don't know if they would, or do, but that would be my only worry. How long have you been doing it?
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    For a while. It is a feature of the account for when you travel so it is supported. You would probably get flagged I think if you had two streams from two different regions at the same time or switched regions often back and forth within the same day.

    Don't abuse it and you should be fine.

    I do travel a lot anyway.

    Maybe, I come from Iowa and only "work" in space. :p
  23. JAT
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    About damn time.
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    Those enjoying more than 2 streams may soon find themselves limited to 2. Seems the announcement is a heads-up to those.
  25. JAT
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    Obviously not all 3.

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