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Netflix UK

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by nlr, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. nlr
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    How can I get Netflix working on my new UK model as I heard its amazing so I don't mind paying!
  2. TEG
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    Cheers for that! Depending on the pricing, if AppleTV in UK gets it, I'm gonna subscribe to that!

    What's their online streaming like? Is it only old movies or do they stream hit movies?
  4. nlr
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    Thats fantastic news..

    Is there any idea when?

    and yeah hows the streaming and is there a large collection of films? new releases, classics?

    and do they get released first after they've been released from cinema?
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    He already said: Second half of 2010.

    2. They'll stream fine, they probably have a huge server farm.

    3. They won't come out once they're in the cinema, they'll probably be available once they're on DVD.

    4. I can't answer about STREAMING films collection.. We just won't know that until it actually comes to the UK, because licensing is different here.
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    That's an old rumour from back in January. The only confirmed expansion for Netflix is for Canada later in the autumn.
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    It's not a rumour if the CEO confirmed it :rolleyes:
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    in that news story he also said "We are focused on entering one country and seeing how we do. Because we are launching in the second half of the year, I don't think we could do a second country this year."

    Does this look like Netflix UK to you? :p

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    Umm.. Since when does Canada have "The Royal Mail" ;)
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    They just might have changed their minds and decided to launch in Canada instead.

    I hope the story is right and it does come here soon but we are already well into the second half of 2010 and there has been no fresh news since January so it's not looking very promising for a launch this year.
  11. nlr
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    I really hope so!
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    That's like saying Apple will update the MBP's in Q1 2011, but we don't know when, they still haven't announced anything.

    I'll give you kudos if Netflix isn't here by December 31st ^^
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    You can't compare Apple's over the top secrecy with other companies. :D

    Netflix announced the Canadian launch back in July but still haven't announced a date for it to go live so they haven't tried to keep that under wraps. I hope you don't have to give me any kudos but I'm not as confident as you are that we'll see a launch here this year.
  14. nlr
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    Well I definitely hope so as it will be the best service in the UK if it does come..

    but I expect it will be overpriced any know a monthly price range?
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    I fully expect Lovefilm to be available on the Appletv as they launching there streaming service onto multiple platforms. My feeling is Lovefilm may end up getting bought by Netflix as an easlier route into the UK market rather than trying the relaunch.
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    From looking at the Netflix site, they're streaming releases a bit behind their DVD ones (same as LoveFilm) which obviously gets all the new ones as soon as the shops.

    A streaming service over here would be ace.

    I'm guessing you're billed via credit card in the US and have to be a resident? Anyone in the UK managed to get a subscription working?
  17. nlr
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    I would like to know this aswell.
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    Give up.. If they see bandwidth going outside the country the account and probably your IP will be blacklisted..
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    If anyone did they'd most likely need a US Address, US CC/DC and US IP/VPN. It seems like an awful lot of trouble just to get a couple of films streamed :(
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    You can get it working it you have a US mailing address to setup an account (or friend gives you his Netflix account login) and use a US based proxy server. Those in the US military do this when on US bases even though the IP shows as from another country.

    The streaming content is okay. There are a lot of older films and some really bad ones but Netflix is trying to get the studios to start putting more on closer to release. Once Blockbuster finally dies (the rumor is they're declaring bankruptcy soon) hopefully we'll start seeing more new content on streaming.

    As far as the DVD/BluRay service goes, it's fantastic. New titles within months of release and very quick shipping. It's definitely what is killing Blockbuster as that part of the service is great.
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    A UK version will have a completely different selection of content. I would be very surprised if it matched the LoveFilm selection at launch.

    Sky own an awful lot of movie VOD rights on an exclusive basis in the UK.


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